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Report: Juventus set to offer Martin Cáceres a new contract

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Until we know something for sure when it comes to the status of Martin Cáceres at Juventus beyond this season, it will be a "Will they?" or "Won't they?" kind of situation. Keeping Cáceres makes sense, but considering that he can't stay healthy consistently, letting him go also makes sense.

Basically, it's a deal where you can see why Juventus decided to do what they'll do whenever a decision does happen.

A little over three weeks after there were reports that Juve and the 28-year-old's representatives were going to discuss the possibility of a contract extension, CalcioNews24 (via Football Italia) is stating that Juventus have drawn up the possible framework of a deal that would see Cáceres stay at the club through the summer of 2017 at the very minimum.

In the report, it states that Cáceres — who is out for the season after seeing his Achilles go pop at the beginning of February — and his agent are in talks with Juventus regarding a contract that would see an initial year tacked onto his current deal that is set to expire over the summer. Then, if Juve see it fit, they can renew the deal with options to tack on another year to the existing contract.

Sounds like a pretty reasonable thing, right?

If this is indeed resulting in the Uruguayan international staying at Juventus for at least another season, then Italian clubs like AC Milan and Inter Milan with rumored interest in signing Cáceres on a free will have to draw up an alternative to signing one of the best defenders off the bench Serie A currently has. And when it comes to Juventus' options, trying to find a player who is equal to Cáceres' skill set over the summer for a reasonable fee is one less thing to worry about.

That's never a bad thing, really. Same goes for Cáceres actually contributing when he's healthy. There's just that whole matter of him being injured for a good portion of the season.