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Claudio Marchisio leaves Juventus-Bayern Munich with apparent muscle injury

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

After 45 minutes, Juventus found itself down 1-0 and having absolutely no success against a Bayern Munich team that certainly deserved to be in front. Then, as the teams are coming out of the tunnel for the second half, there's one noticeable difference — there's no Claudio Marchisio stepping onto the field.

Yep, it was an injury.

There wasn't anything official out of the Juve camp other than the tweet announcing the substitution has been made on Twitter. However, the initial word from some of the Italian media folks on Twitter was that it is the same kind of injury we've been hearing about all season long out of Juventus. Yep, muscle fatigue.

Who knows how serious the injury is or if we'll even get any kind of update about it from Max Allegri after the game. But in a game where Marchisio was one of Juve's best players and Bayern were absolutely throwing players forward at every single opportunity, losing the hub of your midfield isn't a very good development.