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Mattia De Sciglio's agent says the Milan fullback almost joined Juventus during the January transfer window

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

While some other clubs might have sought reinforcements during the January transfer window, Juventus' eyes-to-the-future approach was basically the only thing that would have seen a new player arrive. They weren't options for the immediate future, rather ones Juve could lock them up under team control before their value got way, way up there and other teams came calling.

That's what we thought, at least.

In an interview with Tuttosport on Monday, the agent of Milan fullback Mattia De Sciglio has stated that the 23-year-old Italian was more than interesting moving to rival Juventus before last month's transfer window came to a close. Instead of telling you more myself, I think I will just let you read what De Sciglio's agent had to say in the Turin-based newspaper:

"Mattia was very close to Juventus in January. Will they come back in the summer? Well, by now nothing surprises me in football."

(Source: Football Italia)

Well, that's pretty straightforward, I'd say.

Obviously De Sciglio hasn't developed in the same kind of fashion that some folks that he would when he first burst onto the scene a few years back. A lot of that has to do with his inability to stay healthy on a consistent basis — which is something that you never want to see be so common and frequent for a young player that does have plenty of potential.

Who knows what the workings of the deal would have been. Would it have been a classic Beppe Marotta initial loan with an option (or even mandatory claus) to buy over the summer? I wouldn't doubt it because Beppe will always be Beppe and be one heck of a shrewd businessman on the transfer market.

Knowing Martin Cáceres' injury troubles of his own and Juve's lack of a natural backup right back to Stephan Lichtsteiner, a move for De Sciglio would have made sense if it did in fact go through. And knowing that Cáceres is out of contract this summer with his future at the club still undecided as far as we know, maybe Juve will go back to the De Sciglio option come June or July.

It'll be interesting, for sure — especially with Lichtsteiner being another year closer to being in his mid-30s.