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Juventus vs. Napoli: You choose Max Allegri's starting lineup

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It seems as though we've heard just as much about the current Juventus injury situation as we've heard about the defending Italian champions' showdown against Napoli. It's understandable seeing as Juventus won't be playing with one of its best defenders, one of its best strikers and a couple of very useful reserves.

The loss of those players — namely Giorgio Chiellini and Martín Cáceres — has the Italian media thinking that the lineup and formation that Juve manger Max Allegri has been using as of late will have a different look and twist to it.

First, these are the 22 players called up by Allegri for the Saturday showdown everybody has been looking forward to for weeks on end now:

1 Buffon
6 Khedira
7 Zaza
8 Marchisio
9 Morata
10 Pogba
11 Hernanes
12 Alex Sandro
15 Barzagli
16 Cuadrado
19 Bonucci
20 Padoin
21 Dybala
24 Rugani
25 Neto
26 Lichtsteiner
27 Sturaro
33 Evra
34 Rubinho
37 Pereyra
39 Favilli
46 Romagna

You see the second name on that list above? Yeah, that's Sami Khedira. The same Sami Khedira who pretty much raced and worked extra time to get ready for Saturday night's game against Napoli. That begs one question and one question only: Does Allegri take the risk and play the German midfielder from the start or use him as a potential second-half sub depending on how the game is going?

Even with Khedira back in the match day squad, the Italian press is thinking it's 4-4-2 through and through against Napoli. Whether it's a tried and trusted 4-4-2 or some kind of spinoff of it still remains to be seen, but every indication that's out there means it's a no-go for the 3-5-2 this week.

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see on when it returns, but for now...

Put your managerial hat on, maybe yell "DAI! DAI! DAI!" a couple of times, and give us your best Juventus starting lineup. We only have a few more hours to talk about what setup Allegri should use. Then we get to squabble about what Allegri truly ends up doing. Doesn't that sound like a nice little Saturday?