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Juventus manager Max Allegri denies latest round of Chelsea rumors — again

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Ever since he's taken over at Juventus, Max Allegri has won a lot of games. Because of that, it's suddenly made a guy who was considered a so-so kind of replacement to now being linked with one of the bigger job vacancies there will be come the summer months.

Both reports in England and Italy have linked Allegri to the managerial job at Chelsea have been around for weeks now. Some talk about it more than others, but the fact still remains that as long as Chelsea still hasn't found its next manager, Allegri will be linked with the job.

What does he think about the continued talk that involves him moving away from the club he could very well lead to a second straight Scudetto under his guidance? Allegri talked about the Chelsea rumors — again — on Tuesday at a charity event.

"There is absolutely no truth in what is being said. I cannot confirm or deny every story that comes out, as I can't control what is written in the papers, nor do anything about it. I want this story to be over and done with now. I've been studying English since my time at Cagliari. I do it for me. I cannot confirm or deny something that just isn't true. We want to focus and reach the end of the season with a trophy."

(Source: Football Italia)

So what about the quote above makes you think that Allegri is not only growing tired of the rumors linking him with Chelsea's soon-to-be-vacant managerial job, but also constantly being asked about them when there's a microphone in front of him? I am going to go out on a limb and say the "I want this story to be over and done with now" is a pretty good club to how Allegri feels about it.

And who can blame him, really?

Beppe Marotta says that a contract extension for Allegri could be happening soon, and hopefully that will put an end to the talk about Mad Max going to Chelsea. It probably won't, but maybe it will. (It probably won't.)