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Reports: Juventus close to signing striker Simone Andrea Ganz from Como

No, not Perry Como, although I do like his Christmas music quite a bit.

Ganz during his days with Milan in 2013.
Ganz during his days with Milan in 2013.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The fact that Juventus has the desire to sign loads of young talent from around Italy isn't a secret anymore. They did so in the summer, and they're clearly trying to continue that trend here in the winter transfer window. So, who's the next youngster to be linked to Juventus on the final day of the transfer window being open?

Glad you asked. If you're a fan of Juventus doing some shopping in Serie B, then we've got another one for you.

Okay, so if you don't speak Italian, we can just go to the English — and more detailed — version of what's going on.

Juventus is focused on the future, their goal is to stockpile prospects to maintain their current success. The bianconeri's executive director Marotta is set to close the deal for Simone Andrea Ganz, a striker born in 1993 currently playing for Como. As part of the deal Juventus will send left back Liviero and striker Margiotta to Como. In addition, Ganz will finish the season at Como. Juventus has added another player for the future.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Okay, so there's that. And the way things are going, "stockpile" is a good way to describe how Juventus are approaching this January transfer window.

Ganz, a product of the AC Milan youth system, is in his second season with Como. After scoring 15 goals in 40 appearances (30 starts) last season, he has recorded eight goals in 18 appearances (15 starts, 1,347 minutes) as Como has made the jump from Lega Pro to Serie B. He also played for Italy's Under-19 squad, pickup up five caps.