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Juventus fullback Alex Sandro suffers thigh strain in Super Cup loss to Milan

AC Milan v Juventus FC - 2016 Italian Super Cup Photo by AK BijuRaj/Getty Images

Based on how things have gone over the last four months (and probably dating back into last season as well), it seemed only fitting that Juventus was going to end Friday night’s Italian Super Cup with at least one player having picked up an injury.

Lo and behold, we got exactly that.

After having to be subbed off in the first half of Juventus’ loss to AC Milan in the annual Supercoppa, fullback Alex Sandro has gotten the diagnosis that many were eagerly awaiting. And considering what was posted on Juventus’ official website on Saturday, it’s not exactly like we still know the complete extended of the injury that forced the Brazilian left back out of action so soon after kickoff.

After leaving the field of play in the first half of Friday’s Super Cup final, initial medical tests have shown that Alex Sandro strained the flexor muscles in his right thigh.

The Brazilian full-back’s condition will continue to be closely monitored over the coming days.

As you can clearly see, there’s not a lot of information to go off of here. And as we know about Juventus’ injury updates, the “closely monitored over the coming days” timetable doesn’t always mean that things will be good to go after a couple of days.

The good thing is that Juventus don’t have another game until the second weekend of the new year, with Bologna coming to Juventus Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 8. So even if Sandro is ruled out for two or three weeks, he still won’t miss all that much game action — which, considering how important he has been this season, is pretty good news. There are only so many things Juventus can even try to replace when Sandro is out of the lineup. Even then, it’s try, not a certainty.

Yeah, I would like to see that back in the Juventus lineup come the start of the new year. As much as Patrice Evra loves this game, it’s becoming pretty obvious that we love Sandro in the starting lineup much more than we like when Uncle Pat is there.