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How should Juventus line up on Friday in the Italian Super Cup against Milan?

Who should fight for the cup on Christmas eve, eve?

Juventus v S.S. Lazio - 2015 Italian Super Cup
miss u nando
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Juventus will be looking to defend their Suppercoppa Italiana title on Friday, and will look to extend their dominance in the competition with their eighth victory. The match will be played in Doha, Qatar.

Their opponent will be the Rossoneri, who will be looking to capture their seventh Super Cup andbe tied for the competition record themselves. Milan has quietly had a solid start to the season thus far, sitting only two points behind Roma in the fight for second place in the league.

After this game, Juve’s next fixture will be after the holiday break on Sunday, Jan. 8, against Bologna, so there isn’t much incentive to rest anyone.

This week’s survey question comes courtesy of ogz, and is asking if you could only have one of the sixth straight Scudetto or Champions League title this year, which would it be? If anyone has other questions they would like to see asked, send them my way.

All things considered, who would you like to see start on Friday? Vote below! The results will be posted, as well as a few different takes on the lineup, including my own.

Remember, this is not what you expect the lineup to be, this is what you would do or what you would like to see.