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Agent: Neto has asked to go out on loan, but Juventus had other ideas

Neto’s agent speaks, you can choose if you want to listen.

Torino FC v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

There is something about agents speaking out in the press the just rubs me the wrong way. Yes, they’re agents and put on this world to bother the living crap out of us, I get all of that. And maybe some of that has to do with the fact that we sat around this summer and had to hear what Paul Pogba’s agent had to say about certain things.

But when an agent speaks, no matter how true it may turn out to be, it’s always going to come off as a little hinky.

The latest Juventus-related agent speak we’ve gotten is courtesy of the man who represents backup goalkeeper Neto. The general gist of what Neto’s agent has to say has steamed from his client, who signed on a free transfer from Fiorentina two summers ago, not playing as much as they expected when they first agree to move from Florence to Turin or so desired.

“This isn’t what was agreed,” Stefano Castagna warned in an interview with Gazzamercato.

“When Neto chose to come to Turin and join Juve he was given a clearly-defined path of growth. If that’s really what they’re thinking then we’ll find a solution.

“Neto already asked this summer to go out [on loan] and play but the club asked him to stay on as the vice-Buffon.

“He has put himself at the service of the club, but given his objectives with the Brazilian national team too, I think everything is there to consider somewhere for him as soon as January.

“Neto is definitely attached to Juve, because he considers it to be a top club, so if he left he’d do it reluctantly, but at this point we need to sit round a table and clarify everything.

“I mean that for the good of Juve, but also for a professional who is appreciated all over Europe and has his whole career ahead of him.

“Juve can’t play around with the career of such a strong player who is wanted across Europe. The lad is already a number 1, and wants to be so for his entire career.”

As it seems like with every Neto-related thing I read or write about, I want to pose the following question (and this isn’t any kind of shot at him at all, by the way): When Neto signed for Juventus in the summer of 2015, what kind of role did he expect other than what Marco Storari had as Gianluigi Buffon’s backup?

While it’s true that Neto has only appeared in four Serie A games as a Juventus player, it’s not like playing time is going to be plentiful as long as Buffon is healthy. And Buffon has been healthy, so there you go right there.

If Neto and his agent do feel like a move away from the club is what is needed, then so be it. It’s not like Neto himself has been much of a disturbance during his time with Juventus. And, at age 27, he’s certainly in his prime and would be a starter for many of Serie A’s better clubs.

It is interesting, though. The most we talk about Neto around these parts is whenever his status with the club comes into question. It sure was nice when Storari was around and the backup goalkeeper knew exactly what his role was and didn’t have his agent popping off in the meantime. (Miss you, Marco.)