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Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio hopes to be back after the international break

We’ve missed you, Claudio. Come back to us.

Atalanta BC v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Considering the calendar has been flipped from September to October, the attention turning toward Claudio Marchisio and his return from injury has been ratcheted up a level or two at the very least. Even though we don’t know the exact date just yet of when Marchisio will step back onto the field, the days are being counted down to when we see Il Principino in a Juventus jersey once more.

Just last week we heard a report that Marchisio was on track for a return in late-October. On Monday, we heard from the man himself. And although we didn’t hear about an exact return date, we now know that it won’t be too long after the current international break.

“I am very well, I’ve been working with the rest of the team for two weeks already. I hope to be ready in two weeks, after the international break.”

“In these six months I had some difficult moments, it wasn’t easy to watch the Euro from home”, he added. “Many champs have joined Juve during the summer. This year we have started better than in the last one, excluding the Champions League game against Sevilla.”


The question is pretty easy to figure: When after the international break is Marchisio going to be making his much-anticipated return?

I say that because, no shot at Claudio here, what Marchisio hopes for when it comes to getting back onto the field is probably different from when he will actually make his return. I mean, when you’ve been rehabbing the same injury for six months, you’d probably want to get back onto the field as soon as possible, too.

What we know is that the timetable set out from the very beginning pretty much put Marchisio on track for a return in late-October. If that holds true to form, Marchisio will be back during the next four-week block of games that gets underway at Juventus Stadium against Udinese on Oct. 15.

We’re all awaiting Marchisio’s return. And it will be soon. We just don’t know how soon just yet. That’s okay. We’ve waiting this long, so a couple of weeks longer won’t be so bad, if you ask me.