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Juventus 4 - Chievo Verona 0: Initial reaction and random observations

Juventus are in first place for the next couple of hours at the very minimum. That's pretty cool IMHO.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

For 20 consecutive outings, Álvaro Morata was looking at a zero in the goal department after each game he played in. That came to an end midweek with his brace in the Coppa Italia against Inter Milan. And, the convenient line of thinking was posing the question as to whether Morata, who has proven to be a streaky goal scorer, could build off what was arguably his best game of the 2015-16 season knowing that Juventus were going to be without Mario Mandzukic until late-February at the very least.

There's only one thing to say after Morata recorded his first brace of the week: "Another one."

Okay, so maybe there's an easier way to say it and not quoting rappers. Yes, Morata was up to his goal-scoring tricks again, recording his second brace in as many games to lead the offensive onslaught against a Chievo side that didn't really have an answer once they fell behind within the first five minutes at the Bentegodi.

Me thinks we're onto something here, folks.

Morata's return to form can make things awfully enticing up front. Paulo Dybala didn't get a goal against Chievo on Sunday afternoon, but he continued to show that he's capable of creating SO MANY chances for both himself and his teammates. Throw in the fact Paul Pogba and Alex Sandro both rounded out the scoring after Morata gave Juve a 2-0 lead before the half and the average age of the those who recorded goals against Chievo were barely able to drink legally in the United States.

I feel safe in saying that this was an absolute dismantling if there ever was one. Some may say that Juve's 3-0 win over Inter midweek was the best of the season. But Juventus could have scored five, six or even seven goals on Sunday afternoon if it wasn't for a handful of shots clanging off the woodwork.

That's how you take care of business against a team that has historically been an absolute pest whether the game is in Turin or at the Bentegodi. They left no doubt about it both on the field and on the scoreboard. They didn't mess around with a one-goal lead for very long or give us heart attacks late in the second half. There was none of that.

Instead, it was just coasting at the end because of the dominating effort they put forward in the first 75 or 80 minutes.

That game, I liked that game.

Random thoughts and observations

  • This was the first time Juventus were the black-into-white shorts to go along with their black and gold third kit. I hope it's the last time that combination happens. I look as though Juve taped two different shorts together and thought it would look good. It didn't. Black and gold is simple and clean. Just go with that, equipment managers at Juventus. That is my lone suggestion to you right now.

  • Paulo Dybala and Paul Pogba are fun.

  • When it came to just the sheer quality of passing, this might have been Juventus' game of the season. That Dybala-Pogba combination above is one of the best examples of it. But just the wide array of quality and ability to make something happen almost every time he's on the ball is remarkable. That's the sign of somebody who's truly not just on insane form, but blossoming into one of the best young players in the world. I think we can now say Dybala is becoming exactly one of those.

  • Unless Allegri has an idea of resting Dybala midweek against Genoa or something was up that we don't know about, it's interesting — or some other word choice, if you want — that the young Argentine played a full 90 minutes instead of being subbed off for Simone Zaza in the second half. If there's one player you don't want to risk getting injured in a blowout right now, Dybala has to be close to the top of the list if he isn't already.

    It turned out to be okay and nothing to worry about, so no beef here, Max.

  • Instead, Allegri's last sub was of the game was bringing on Simone Padoin. When you're up 4-0 and have 10 minutes to go, I guess bringing on the Human Victory Cigar is the way to go.

    Oh, and he tried to score on a 30-yard curler. When you're Padoin, you do what you want.

  • Back to Pogba for a second. When he's on his game like he was on Sunday, he's simply unreal. If it wasn't the controlling of the ball it was his passing. If it wasn't his passing then it was the plethora of scoring chances for himself and his teammates. His goal was absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful dribbling effort that highlighted what was easily one of his best games of the season.

    He can dab all he wants with the way he's playing right now. Dab, dab, dab. All we're gonna do is dab.

  • Via WhoScored: Pogba had five shots on target, Chievo had six shots total. Is that good? (For Juventus, that is.)


  • Juventus' defense has yet to allow a goal since Gigi Buffon turned 38 years old.

  • I'll leave you all with this simple question: Juventus is a team that's pretty fun to watch right now, aren't they? Yep, that's what happens when you win 12 consecutive Serie A games that seems you go from the bottom third of the table to the top spot in the span of three months. It's not that long ago Juve were looking like a team that were totally out of whack. Now, they are blowing vine videos like it's no big deal.