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Juventus midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah, striker Mario Mandzukic ruled out due to injury

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The nice thing about Juventus' 11-game Serie A winning streak and rise up the table is that we've seen the squad get progressively healthier as the time has gone by. All of those injuries that seemed to pop up after every single game weren't the case. Other than the long-term injuries, the consistency of players missing time wasn't like it was come August and September.

That's not really the case anymore. Yep, it's another injury post, boys and girls. And this time, it is not one that the author was in the mood to write come the time news came about. (Not that writing injury posts are ever a pleasant kind of thing to do, but you probably figured that out months — or even years — ago by now.)

From Juventus' official website:

Kwadwo Asamoah and Mario Mandzukic both underwent medical checks today after reporting injuries during Wednesday's Coppa Italia triumph over Inter at Juventus Stadium.

The Ghanaian midfielder has suffered a torn biceps femoris in his right thigh and is expected to be sidelined for two to three weeks.

Tests on Mandzukic meanwhile revealed a torn gemellus muscle, with the Croatian forward's rehabilitation process estimated to last a month.


Okay, let's just to this thing out now.

While he hasn't appeared in many games this season, Asamoah has been pretty dang good when he's been on the field — especially in his last couple of starts. And with Juve competing on three fronts until at least the early stages of March at the very least, the chances for Asamoah to get on the field would have certainly been there even though he's not a full-time starter in the midfield these days.

The list of games that Mandzukic will miss is a pretty lengthy one considering how packed the schedule is these days: Chievo, Genoa, Frosinone, Napoli, Bologna and the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie against Bayern Munich in Turin. We might also have throw the first of the back-to-back games against Inter at the end of February as well, but the timetable currently set out basically has that as a 50-50 shot at this point. We'll see.

I guess this means we'll get to see a lot more of Álvaro Morata and how breaking out of his 20-game scoreless streak will impact his playing going forward. If the partnership with Paulo Dybala does click, though, then that's going to more than make up for the loss of Mandzukic. And give us a glimpse of what the future may hold. That would be pretty cool.