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Report: AC Milan offer up Mattia De Sciglio-Martin Cáceres swap deal to Juventus

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

We've gone through the bulk of the January transfer window with pretty much the same names and rumors. The İlkay Gündoğan mania is still kinda there, but has obviously died down compared to the first couple days of the transfer window. All those rumors about Simone Zaza and Daniele Rugani leaving Juve in January have been put to rest simply by them actually playing.

Basically, the only constant transfer rumors that involved Juventus signing somebody over the last week or two ended with them signing teenage midfielder Rolando Mandragora from Genoa.

But wait — there's a new one that has come to light as the third full week of 2016's first month comes to an end.

As told to us by, amongst others, Tuttosport, Milan has proposed a little exchange of players to Juventus. One step involves 23-year-old fullback Mattia De Sciglio going from Milan to Juventus. The second step involves high-sock extraordinaire and longtime Juventus defender Martin Cáceres heading in the other direction and donning rossonero.

This may be bull considering Tuttosport's history with transfer rumors is as good as my time in the 40-yard dash. But for the sake of talking about something other than how many violins Rudi Garcia now has the chance to play with all of his newfound free time, let's discuss this rumored exchange of defenders.

The main factoring point becomes an easy one to figure out...

  • Is it smarter to bring in a talented yet oft-injured Italian fullback who has talent but has yet to truly break out and develop into something special?
  • Or keep Cáceres on the roster and not run the risk of being short a central defender or being forced to sign one this month?

Logic may be easy to apply here. But as we know, logic isn't always there during transfer season.

The deal is interesting seeing as Cáceres' contract is over in six months. Rumors about his future with Juventus have been in and out of the Italian sport dailies for months now. There hasn't been talk about a contract extension like there was over the summer, just talk about how Juve's plans going into the second half of this season and 2016-17 don't involve the 28-year-old Uruguayan.

Who knows. It's and interesting idea, but Juve being without much cover in the center of defense knowing that the 3-5-2 has been used throughout their resurgence

But hey, if Milan want to make a trade with Juve that involves, oh, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Rubinho, then I think we'd be onto something here, people.