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Report: Monday medical set for soon-to-be Juventus signee Rolando Mandragora

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Just a few days ago, we heard that Juventus and Genoa reportedly closed the deal that will see 18-year-old midfield starlet Rolandro Mandragora be the latest of Italy's young prospects be under the Serie A champions' control. Now, it looks as though the day where Mandragora officially signs with Juventus is getting closer and closer, too.

Juventus continue to prepare for the future by signing Genoa midfielder Rolando Mandragora. The youngster is currently on loan to Serie B side Pescara and will remain there for the rest of the current campaign. The player himself will undergo a medical on Monday...

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

So, in short kind of fashion, here is what we already know about the deal that is essentially official, but still a couple of days from actually becoming official:

  • Mandragora will reportedly sign a five-year contract with Juventus.
  • It will reportedly cost Juventus an initial €7 million transfer fee with the possibility of that fee being doubled when bonuses get factored into the equation.
  • Mandragora will spend the rest of the season on loan in Serie B with Pescara.

And here's what we're still waiting on:

  • Mandragora to appear on the internet in those classic fishnet shirt pictures while undergoing his medical.
  • Mandragora to appear on the internet in those classic pictures as he signs his contract and then poses with a member of Juventus' management team while the two shake hands.

Okay, so we have to sit tight for a little longer for a medical to go down, but that's okay. We might have to wait much longer for Mandragora to actually play a game in a Juventus jersey, but that's okay, too.

The deal to bring Mandragora to Juventus — kinda molded after another Juve-Genoa deal for Stefano Sturaro two summers ago — allows the club to get ahold of another young and talented player that can be projected as a future contributor. Is paying €7 million (and potentially €7 million on top of that in bonuses) a lot of money for a teenager who has barely featured in Serie A? Sure, but that's sometimes the price you gotta pay to get talented youngsters to your club.

Of course, this is still yet to be made official, but that day is getting closer now. That's a good thing no matter how long it may take before we actually do see Mandragora don a Juventus jersey in an official match.