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Juventus' 2016 new year's resolutions

Happy New Year!

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

With the curtains closing on the year 2015, we welcome 2016 with hopes and wishes for another successful season for Juventus on multiple fronts.

We asked the writers at your favorite Juve site (BWRAO, of course!) to answer the following question:

"Pick one Juventino (player/manager/Board), and what should his New Year's resolution be?"

Read their thoughts below, and tell us your opinions in the comments section.

Jose R.
Mr. Marotta. Give the coach what he wants or don't get it at all. Don't get me wrong, he is a great DS, but when Anotnio Conte was around he could not bring wingers for the life of him (Elia?). Now that Conte is gone, Juve have wingers.  Max Allegri wanted a good trequartista, and he got Hernanes. Hamsik was a great idea, but if it didn't pan out better save the cash, he knows full well that something else will come up soon.

I'm picking Giorgio Chiellini, and pleading with him to make a resolution not to make more than one (1) rash challenge a game. Get it out of the way early in a non-vital area of the field, please, King Kong. Otherwise, you're perfect.

Paulo Dybala. Train, learn, grow and become the modern Juventus legend who led the club to multiple Scudetti and a Champions League trophy. Do argue with this if you want, but the kid can do it.

Jose A.
For Paul Pogba, "Win the Ballon d' Or 2016". The kid is awesome, He'll play the Euros at home and Juventus is looking like a juggernaut right now. Why not?

For Sami Khedira: To say healthy. Why? Because we've seen how effective Juventus' midfield can be when he teams with Claudio Marchisio and Paul Pogba. It may be a stretch at this point — no pun intended! — for Khedira to stay healthy for extended periods of time at this point of his career with everything that has happened in the past, but a boy can dream, right?

Claudio Marchisio - to resolve to play every single minute of every single important game of 2016. The side is much better off with his calming influence, and we will need him at his best to even get close to the tripletta.