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Juventus FIFA Follow-up: Introduction (Week 1)

Trying to find an outlet for post game day ambivalence, anger, malaise, or hangover one video game at a time.

Optimistic skepticism. I appreciate the effort.
Optimistic skepticism. I appreciate the effort.
Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

Hello! I'm sure you all know me by now, and that may or may not be a good thing. Either way, I have been talking with Danny recently, and I decided I should try my hand at writing something up every now and then. The only problem was, I didn't have any ideas. I'm typically not the best idea guy, and to be honest, I had never even thought about writing anything that anyone other than teachers or professors would care to see.

Then, I started thinking about video games, because I have found my free time available that used to be devoted to video games has been cut short, badly. Like, in a depressing way. Apparently I should've skipped more class and played more video games in college. Anyway, that's how I developed my idea. My idea revolves around Juventus, Serie A, game days, Pro Evo 2016, and FIFA 16. Basically, I plan on writing up a weekly feature following every game to basically have an analysis of how my virtual Juventus fares vs. the real Juventus.

Juve Kits on FIFA

Kits for 2015/16**

I know exactly what you're thinking: "This is absolutely pointless!" "Why does he get to do this!" "He isn't even any good at FIFA!" "Who cares>" "Isn't he a Roma fan?" etc. And I completely agree with you. This exercise will have no real benefit to anything in the real world, it'll basically be me talking about how I went about to prepare for the game, how I lined up, and so on. A lot of the details are still up in the air, which is one reason why I was interested in getting this post up about a week before I can get to work on this. I'm looking for feedback!

My basic vision so far, at least for the first few games is this: I will be buying both FIFA 16 and PES 16 (for personal reasons, not only for this). From here, I am going to start the season mode, or whatever it is called for Juventus on both games. I'm not going to make any transfers, any changes, and for the first two or so games, I'm going to use the starting XI Max Allegri used, the players Max used, and the tactics Max used. I think this would only be fair based on how the season has gone so far. I basically want to impart the same restrictions on myself as Juventus faced. I have not yet decided whether I'll deviate from this, or continue to just use the XI that Max uses, and just play the games and see how it goes. This is where I want the input.

I'll eventually decide on just one game to finish out the season with, but I want to try both, at least at the start and determine which is better for me (completely subjective). After I play each game, and after the game in real life, I'll post a match review. Basically updates from the week, things like that. What I did, how I did it, you get the picture. I figured this would be a nice change of pace from the typical post-game review, it would be a nice, lighthearted piece for nothing but entertainment value. I'll be sure to share my complete emotions of each and every game, the frustration of my virtual Buffon being useless, the satisfaction of having one realistic looking play develop for the whole season, the annoyance of Pogba putting in a transfer request, the rage of having to buy another PS4 controller when I shatter mine, the boredom I will no doubt face with this game about midway through the season. I am hoping to provide a look into the twisted eyes of someone who needs the patience of a saint, but doesn't have it. A person who needs a social life, but doesn't have it. A person that, above all else, just wants to find something to help pass the time and possibly get a few people to laugh through the incoherent ramblings of a man with adult ADD.

I hope at least a few of you might be interested in this journey, and will take the time to get as involved in it, as I really look forward to seeing how this can go.

Basic Rules:

  • Basically, I haven't played FIFA regularly for a long long time. So i will be starting out with 6 minutes halves, on world-class difficulty. About the same on PES, at least once I start to get the hang of it.
  • I will post sliders after I sort of tweak them and fine-tune them. This isn't for me to play against gimped teams, it will be to try and make it more realistic than just sprint down the field and finesse shot every chance.
  • NO resetting, restarting, turning off the game, or other forms of rage-quitting. No real way to prove this, so we'll use the honor system.
  • Everything else is yet to be determined by when I start playing both games.
So, let me know what you think, and I'll see about incorporating these things and moving forward with this.

** - Love that screenshot, my source at EA told me this is exclusive content, shared only with me! Look forward to more gems moving forward. Amazing how great the player models look compared to last year.