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Report: Juventus 'desperate to land' Real Madrid midfielder Isco next summer

Don't look so sad, little buddy. We're here to help!
Don't look so sad, little buddy. We're here to help!
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

As much as we take most transfer rumors with a grain of salt because it's just natural to do so, it's even more of the case when we see them pop up during the international break. I mean, it's not all that often — or ever, for that matter — when somebody like Domenico Berardi gets randomly linked with Barcelona because the media has nothing better to do.

But what this international break has brought us isn't all that surprising. "Hey, Paul Pogba might be leaving!" Thanks, jerks, like I didn't already hear about that 2,000 times this summer.

Another rumor we heard of plenty during the summer: Juventus is interested in signing Real Madrid midfielder Isco because why the hell wouldn't they be. And, what do you know, but Juventus are being linked with a move the talented Spaniard once again. Not in January, but next summer, with Sport saying that Juve are 'desperate to land' Isco come summer 2016.

But why would Isco, largely considered one of the best young talents in Europe — he's still only 23 years old, you know — reportedly want away from a club like Real Madrid?

Two weeks of the new season has been enough for Isco to realise what his role is at Real Madrid. He started the first game against Sporting Dijon at El Molinon, but was on the bench for the Real Betis's visit to the Bernabeu. And unfortunately for him, James Rodriguez's extraordinary performance is likely to leave him on the bench.

Despite the praise Carlo Ancelotti often sent Isco's way, he was largely a substitute under the Italian coach. Things don't look like changing under Rafa Benitez and Isco has to decide if he is happy to be a substitute for another whole season, taking part when injuries and suspensions hand him an opportunity to play.

The short version: Isco wants to play, and he's not a lock to play at Real Madrid. A player of Isco's quality should play, but because Real Madrid's roster is so stacked with attacking talent, Isco is essentially a part-time player at this point of the season. And as the article goes on to say, Juventus see this as an opportunity to swoop in and snag Isco away from Madrid because of the less than stellar scenario.

Could this be a bunch of international break hooey? Sure, it's not like there's much of anything going on these days outside of EURO 2016 qualifiers to fill the pages. But there's actually some kind of truth to it seeing as Isco's not a starter at Real Madrid like he would be at pretty much every other team in Europe and that Juve have been heavily rumored to be interested in him in the past. (Very recent past, too.)

Then again, knowing how Isco would vastly improve this Juventus squad, I'd probably be desperate to sign him, too.