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Simone Zaza's agent: "Juventus have never said they want to sell Zaza"

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

On top of the reactions to the transfers that did happen, there's the reaction to those that didn't in the days following the transfer market closing for the rest of the year. That creates an opportunity for agents to do agent speak, and talk about their clients' transfers that did — or didn't — happen.

Simone Zaza's agent is now different. Read here:

"Juventus have never said they want to sell Zaza. He's a striker for the national team, so it's normal that clubs would be interested.

"West Ham? We had contact with the British club, who expressed a real interest in Zaza. He's liked by the directors and the manager [Slaven Bilic], but they were purely informal talks.

"Marseille? There was contact with a lot of clubs, some more serious, some less. Zaza made his choice at the end of last season, he really wanted to fulfil his dream of playing for Juventus.

"The club believes in Zaza, and he wants to do well in Turin."

(Source: Football Italia)

Why are we talking about Simone Zaza maybe leaving Juventus? Well, like Zaza's agent said, there was actually a club trying to sign him despite the fact the 24-year-old striker signed with Juventus just a few short weeks earlier. The reports of West Ham being interested in bringing Zaza have now been confirmed by Zaza's agent. And who knows who those "a lot of clubs" actually include, but maybe, just maybe, the same goes for that last-minute bid by Arsneal.

But the important thing to realize here is that even with all this interest, Juventus didn't do a thing.

That means, in one way or another, that Zaza does have a place at Juventus. It's probably not as a full-time starter at this point seeing as he hasn't played a minute in Juve's first two Serie A games, but there's a spot for him here. If there wasn't, he'd be like Fernando Llorente and the others that left in the final week of the transfer window.

Maybe the #FreeZaza campaign needs to begin on Twitter or something. At least we know he's still a Juventus player.