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Report: Juventus to try and sign Domenico Berardi in January

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Most of the time, transfer rumors in the middle of September are exactly that. "Hey! Paul Pogba just accepted a €200 million contract for Barcelona! It's happening!" See? It's just a load of hogwash that is pretty much existing for the sole purpose of either making us wish to never buy a sports tabloid again or wish that an international break would end ASAP.

But when it comes to Domenico Berardi rumors, I'll eat them up all day. Give them to me non-stop!

And Saturday brought us the latest Berardi-Juventus rumor that actually does make a good amount of sense. (Others might think otherwise, but let's talk this one out.)

The Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Juventus are interesting in bringing Berardi to Turin come the beginning of the January transfer window. Yes, the same Berardi whose contract was bought in full by Sassuolo this past summer for €10 million after Italy's co-ownership system went kaput. The rumored price Juventus would have to pay would be €20 million, which makes total sense considering half of Berardi's contract went for €10 million just a few months ago.

So why does something like this make sense for Juve?

For one, Berardi would improve the team because of course he would. And we already know that Juve and Sassuolo have a wink-wink, nod-nod kind of deal with Berardi that they did with Simone Zaza this summer, so it's not like extensive negotiations would be drawn out for weeks and/or months. (Yes, that's a shot at Schalke and Julian Draxler. Those jerks.)

But what if, say, Zaza goes elsewhere in January. What would Juventus do? There's obviously not a need for a prima punta with Mario Mandzukic and Álvaro Morata around. And, if you had to choose between Zaza and Berardi, I'm pretty sure the latter would be the clear-cut choice for many reading this here post.

Maybe this is actually a thing rather than just some stupid mid-September rumor. But, unlike some of the things that we see pop up out of the blue during this time of year, this one actually has some logic behind it. Maybe that's because we're all hungry for Berardi to come to Juventus. Or maybe we just want Juventus to keep signing good players. I like that, too.