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OFFICIALLLY OFFICIAL: Juventus sign Olympique Marseille's Mario Lemina on loan with option to buy

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The age-old debate rang true for weeks: Would Juventus go for a trequartista or would they sign a central midfielder to address the sudden issues with depth facing manager Max Allegri?

While we all scramble to read the trequartista-related news in the form of Hernanes arriving, we know that Juve will have at least one more central midfielder to choose from when they return from the international break next weekend.

Juventus have announced the signing of Olympique Marseille midfielder Mario Lemina on a season-long loan with a Beppe Marotta special of an option to buy next summer. The deal features a few interesting steps, so instead of trying to explain them to you myself, I will let the professionals handle it. So, here's the official wording of the deal, courtesy of Juventus' official website:

Juventus Football Club can this evening confirm that Mario Lemina has joined the club on a season-long loan deal from Olympique Marseille.

A fee of €0.5 million paid on or before 30 September 2015 would provide Juventus with the right to purchase the player outright for a price of €9.5 million, to be paid in two financial years.

This fee may increase up to a maximum of €1 million should certain sporting targets stipulated in the agreement be achieved during the duration of the player's contract.

Going the other way on a free loan move is Mauricio Isla. The agreement provides Olympique Marseille with the option to acquire the player's full registration rights for a fixed price of €7 million, payable within two financial years, up until 30 May 2016.

Paolo De Ceglie also joins the French club for the current campaign on a free loan switch.

I won't sit here and proclaim that I am the No. 1 Lamina expert on the internet. Shoot, the vast majority of Lemina pictures we have at our disposal here on SBN are from when Juventus played Olympique Marseille earlier this summer in one of Juve's mid-summer friendlies. So it's not like we have a lot of visual evidence to base these things on.

But going after a young player like Lemina who comes relatively cheap and has a bit of upside to his game, I can see the reason behind it. The loan move isn't expensive, and he provides depth in an area where Juventus sorely need it, so it's not like we can get too, too upset about it. Lemina is 21 years old and playing on a very, very talented French Under-21 team, which just so happened to feature a certain Paul Pogba not too long ago.

At the very least, we get to see Lemina and Pogba exchange hair advice. So we've got that going for us, which is nice. (I guess.)