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Paul Pogba is the new owner of Juventus' No. 10 jersey

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When Alessandro Del Piero left Juventus in 2012 and subsequently went to Australia to hang out with kangaroos, the club chose to keep the No. 10 jersey on ice for a season. Now that Carlos Tévez has gone back home to Argentina and Boca Juniors, the same can't be said about Juve's last No. 10.

That's because there's a new one. Sorry, Carlitos.

It's one that has cool hair, likes to pop the collar on his uniforms — curse you, adidas — and is currently one of the most sought after transfer targets the world of football currently has. But this is the clearest sign of any that Pogba is going to be around and be the focal point of Juventus during the 2015-16 season. And if you've bought a new adidas jersey with Paul Pogba's name on the back with the No. 6, well, I guess this is the time where we extend our arms for a hug and express our condolences.

Also send your condolences to any one of the rumored trequartista options that Juventus have been linked to over the last month or so. Sorry to you, Julian Draxler. Sorry to you, Mario Götze. After just a couple months of uncertainty, the No. 10 at Juventus has an owner again, and it's  going to be worn by a player who has become the player he is because of the major opportunity he's gotten at Juventus.

Side note: This doesn't mean Juventus won't be signing a trequartista/No. 10, so don't send angry tweets or post comments about how Beppe Marotta sucks because he can't sign a playmaker this summer. Let's just be honest here, would we rather have somebody like Draxler arrive and take the No. 10, or have somebody like Pogba who has been around the club during its rebirth the last three or four years take it?

I know which one of those options I will take — and it's the one with cool hair who scores absolutely fantastic goals on a somewhat regular basis while emerging as a true leader on a club that will now depend on him more than ever before.

So, here's to you, Paul Pogba, the man who now wears Juventus' No. 10 jersey. Maybe, just maybe, we can get your reaction to the news that you will be wearing one of the most beloved numbers in all of Italian and European football.

Pogba silly silly

Dagnabbit, he's just so fun, isn't he? You can't say he doesn't deserve something like this. So take THAT, Barcelona.