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Reports: Juventus, Inter Milan reach deal for Hernanes

What, you were expecting him in an Inter jersey? We have tradition around here, y'know.
What, you were expecting him in an Inter jersey? We have tradition around here, y'know.
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Welcome to the final day of the summer transfer window, ladies and gentlemen. It's not going to be a quiet day for our favorite team in the calcio world. Here is the first REPORTED deal of the day that has yet to actually have any kind of confirmation from the Juventus folks themselves. It's quite a doozy.

Okay, I'll bite on this one. What's the word in English, Gianluca?

Ah, so there we go. After weeks and weeks of hearing about Julian Draxler and all the other trequartista and/or central midfield options, Juventus have reportedly snapped up Inter midfielder Hernanes. Yeah, that Hernanes.

You can look at this reported deal in a couple of different ways.

At the age of 30, Hernanes isn't anything close to a long-term option that somebody like Draxler or many of the other rumored options would have been. However, he also is coming from a squad that had just taken a big-time drop in quality and became a sink hole for talented players outside of a select few players in the early-20s. The Hernanes we all saw at Lazio was easily one of the best midfielders Serie A had to offer, one that showed the class, vision and quality to take over games at any given point.

Or you can just say Beppe Marotta is a goon for even letting the trequartista hunt get to this point. But I'm not angry, really.

The decision is yours.

But when it comes to how Juventus will address their need for midfield depth and upgrades, that decision is apparently being solved with the addition of Mr. Hernanes. (And Mario Lamina, who's taking a medical right now.)