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Juventus manager Max Allegri confirms Kingsley Coman is leaving (for Bayern Munich)

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When reports surface in the kind of manner they did when Kingsley Coman was reportedly on the brink of a Bayern Munich move, the first thing you want to have happen is somebody of note confirm it ASAP. Luckily for us, Juventus manager and person of note Max Allegri was there to do just that during his pre-Roma match press conference on Saturday.

Allegri, maybe to the surprise of many, spoke about many transfer dealings — both players who have just arrived in Turin (Alex Sando, Juan Cuadrado) and those who are set to be leaving the four-time defending Serie A champions in short order. One of those players leaving will be Coman, with Allegri confirming reports that Coman is heading out of town and signing with a new team. It came just a few minutes after Allegri's 21-man squad for Sunday evening's match against Roma was release — one that didn't include Coman.

What is with Juventus players wanting to leave and then going to Bayern Munich? (It's not a trend, but it's just a convenient coincidence.)

But if it was Coman's desire to leave Juventus, then so be it. Juventus are getting a great deal — one that is rumored to be an €8 million loan deal with anywhere between €20 million and €25 million as an option to buy next summer. For as much as Coman is talented, that's a deal that you take every single time it's offered to you, especially when you consider how a) he arrived for free last summer and b) he's still pretty damn raw as a player.

Then when you connect the dots and think that basically all of the Coman money will potentially pay for Julian Draxler's move to Turin and it's a deal that will make Juventus better in the short term as well.