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Report: Juventus, West Ham reach agreement on Simone Zaza loan deal

Now it's up to Zaza himself to see if he wants to end his month-long stay in Turin and head to England.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Simone Zaza heading out of town just a month after signing with Juventus wasn't even imaginable before the weekend started. And yet, coming out of the weekend — one where Juventus lost its Serie A opener and frustrated the masses in the process — it's looking more and more likely as the hours are going by.

We have this, courtesy of — who else? — Gianluca Di Marzio:

After joining Juventus just a few weeks ago, Simone Zaza could be heading to the Premier League. Juventus has been negotiating with West Ham, the clubs reached an agreement in principle for the striker on a loan for €2 million with option to buy set at €16 million.

Okay, so now what?

Now it's up to the Azzurri striker to decide on the destination, Juventus is pushing for the move since it would give him more playing time. Zaza is looking for an opportunity to shine so he can play in the next Euro, tomorrow he'll give his final answer.

Ah, that's good. At least we won't be sitting around for the next week wondering what is up with Zaza's decision.

I guess the key phrase in all of this is "could be heading to the Premier League." If it's a matter that's simply playing time-motivated, then I guess I get it. Being a player that has ambitions of playing for his country at the 2016 European Championships and then essentially be at the bottom of the pecking order like Zaza seems to be isn't exactly what you call an "ideal situation."

Juventus need to get down to five strikers. They currently have six. Somebody has to go, and right now Zaza is the odds-on favorite to be taking his talents elsewhere. Maybe it has to do with Max Allegri preferring to keep somebody like Fernando Llorente around in the locker room after any of his rumored moves away from Turin never materialized. Maybe it has to do with Zaza simply not impressing Allegri in training and subsequently falling down in the striker pecking order. Or maybe it's everything above and something else that we don't know even know about.

This just seems weird. Maybe because it is. If anything, why wouldn't Sassuolo welcome him back with open arms? Like I said, it's just weird.