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Report: Juventus set to make bid for Chelsea's Juan Cuadrado

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

These names aren't new to us. The Draxlers, the Gündoğans, the Witsels, the Cuadrados of the world. We've heard them all before. But there's one difference between, say, this time a couple of days ago and the present time. And it's a pretty clear difference, too.

Juventus are reportedly setting their sights on out-of-favor Chelsea winger Juan Cuadrado. And, in the very near future, Juve -- who has been searching far and wide to bring a No. 10-type player to Turin this summer -- will reportedly table a bid to try and bring the former Fiorentina man to the land of Serie A titles and bianconreo adidas jerseys.


Juventus is making progress in their pursuit of an offensive option for Allegri's squad. The bianconeri are ready to make an offer to Chelsea for the Colombian winger- €1.5 million for a straight loan with no obligation to buy. Chelsea has already accepted the terms proposed by the player's agent, Alessandro Lucci, Juventus is determined and confident they can close the deal quickly so they can work on a potential last acquisition. The target is a midfielder, there is a better chance it will be a defensive one rather than a trequartista, Juventus would have to pursue a player with a European passport should they sign Cuadrado after Alex Sandro. Cuadrado is ready to return to Serie A.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Is the line of thinking "If we sign Cuadrado, then the summer transfer window is a wrap?" I'm not so sure, mainly because there's a dearth of options in the center of the midfield right now and we know damn well that's not where Cuadrado plays. Beppe Marotta has said there will be another impact signing brought in, but he also added that the financial ability to bring somebody in were ever present, too. So does that mean Juve have a lot more cash to sign a central midfielder or trequartista on top of a potential loan move for Cuadrado?

That's the million dollar question. At least right now it is.

But when it comes to Cuadrado, he obviously isn't the out-and-out No. 10 Juventus have been searching for. But a loan move for that reported price has very little risk at all. And there's no doubting that he's more comfortable in Serue A rather than the Premier League. (Not that he got much of a chance in England, though.)