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Schalke's Horst Heldt thinks Juventus aren't done trying to sign Julian Draxler this summer

Martin Rose/Getty Images

If Juventus hadn't begun negotiations to try and sign midfielder Julian Draxler this summer, we wouldn't have been "blessed" with the name of Schalke's sporting director, one Horst Heldt. It's one hell of a name, so very German in its own unique way. Another reason why we care about Horst Heldt? Because, as the club's sporting director, he's been the one speaking from Schalke's side of the Draxler negotiations — sometimes that's good, sometimes not so good.

Even as rumors linking Juventus with other players within the Bundesliga limits to fill their much-desired trequartista void — like, say, Borussia Dortmund's Henrikh Mkhitaryan — Heldt has been talking to the press once again. And it involves Juventus potentially moving for Draxler once again.

Only hours from Schalke's game against Darmstadt, in which Draxler is expected to start, Heldt confirmed previous reports that the Old Lady was set to make a final push.

"After we rejected the first offer we no longer had contacts with Juventus," he said, as reported by Bild. "But I think they'll give it one more try in the next few hours."

(Source: Football Italia)

Now, before we go freaking out about any sudden, last-minute move for Draxler, this is the same Heldt who said just a few short days ago that he wasn't going to rule out the talented young German leaving this summer.

So what does that mean?

Well, it's open to interpretation.

Maybe Heldt is going along with what a lot of people think — if Schalke get anything close to the €30 million price tag they've been demanding for Draxler all summer long, then Juve (or whatever team was making the bid), would be in business. That's how it's been from the very start. And maybe if Juve didn't be so much low-balling with their initial offer we wouldn't be talking about this right now.

But that's just the deal. The Italian press can link Juventus with a move for another trequartista, if Draxler is the one that is still a realistic and viable target for Juventus, there's no doubting they will try and sign him before the transfer window doors slam shut for the next few months.

I mean, San Beppe Marotta did say that Juve are going to be signing somebody before the transfer window is over, right? If you haven't learned by now, when Beppe speaks, you take it seriously. He's not one of those high-ranking football types who are here to just throw around B.S. all the time in the press. Beppe means business — and that involves getting the player he has his sights set on. There's no doubting that Draxler is exactly that.