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Juventus' Alex Sandro signing confirmed by Beppe Marotta

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

In just a matter of hours, Juventus will have a new left back. I know this because Beppe Marotta, Juventus' transfer master and director general, told us so at the club's annual summer match between the big squad and the primavera at Villar Perosa.

"We have completed the negotiation with Porto on a straight sale. Tomorrow he'll take the medical and we'll make it official. We took advantage of an opening with Porto, Alex Samdro will be a good investment."

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)


Ah, that feeling you have is the sweet sense of Juventus transfer satisfaction.

Alex Sandro will be a Juventus player. Because of that, Juventus will be getting one hell of a left back who, at the age of 24, will now be looked at as not just a long-term solution to a position of need, but also one that can contribute right away. This is what Juventus desperately needed, and Marotta swooped in like a dang bird of prey and got ti swiftly.

The reported transfer fee to bring Alex Sandro to Turin is rumored to be around €22 million. It's a lot of money in terms of a straight transfer fee, sure, but something that teamed with a relatively low salary of €2 million or €2.5 million, it's a deal that is logical for both sides. Porto gets a fee worthy of the player and Juventus gets their much-desired left back.

The best part of it all is that Sandro will be a Juventus player this time Thursday. And while he might not play any kind of role in Juventus' season-opening match against Udinese this weekend, it won't be too long before we see him bombing up and down the left wing as he wears a Juventus jersey. That sounds like a pretty good thing to watch to me.

Good investment indeed, Beppe.