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Report: Juventus 'very close' to signing Porto left back Alex Sandro

Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Once things fell apart with Juventus' reported deal for Atlético Madrid's Guilherme Siqueira, you had to figure Beppe Marotta would move swiftly to find an alternative to what was going to be their alternative at left back. Why? Because that's how Marotta and the rest of the Juventus front office operates.

As it looks now, that alternative to Siqueira is one of the names being thrown about even before the veteran Brazilian left back even became a realistic option. Basically, Juventus is set to switch one Brazilian for a much younger one with more upside that can potentially be part of this new young core Marotta has built this summer and last.

Okay, as much as it's Di Marzio, let's get the info in English:

After being on the verge of signing Siqueira, Juventus decided to pursue Alex Sandro. After the Brazilian left back failed to agree to an extension with Porto, the Bianconeri saw an opening and are very close to signing him for over €20 million. They are working on details of agreement with Porto and the player, more details will be available later tonight.

Seeing as things have gone from 0 to 100 real quick, I'm sure plenty of us are waiting on pins and needles for those extra details that will be available later tonight. Or maybe we can be patient seeing as some of the other major business Juventus want to conduct this summer — cough cough Trequartista Watch 2015 cough cough — hasn't gone down yet.

Or, maybe because signing a top-quality trequartista is becoming more and more unlikely with two weeks to go before the transfer window closes and Marotta decided to put that money elsewhere. Like, you know, the other big need Juve still had to fill with the start of 2015-16 season rapidly approaching.

But that's just me throwing out wild theories.

Signing Sandro is an obvious coup for Marotta and Juventus as a whole because of their need for a long-term option at left back. As much as Siqueira would have helped, the 24-year-old Brazilian, who has been with Porto since 2011, is a step up. And at his age, there's certainly plenty of room for him to grow as a player. No doubt about it.

You want a logical and smart way to go from Patrice Evra to another quality player starting at left back, this seems like it is it. Like Di Marzio's post said above, Juventus saw an opening to sign Alex Sandro, and it looks like they've taken it.