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Juventus striker Fernando Llorente linked with a move to Real Madrid again

goddamn he's so good looking
goddamn he's so good looking
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As much as it sucks to type this next sentence, it needs to be done: Fernando Llorente's future doesn't involve playing for Juventus. Yes, it's true. That's just what happens when you bring in three strikers to add to the three that are already in town while only seeing two — Carlos Tévez and Alessandro Matri — head out the door.

That leaves six strikers for five spots. And while he's the consummate professional throughout his two seasons in a Juventus jersey, simple math likely won't equate another year of being on the top team Italy has to offer.

The Llorente-to-Real Madrid rumor is nothing new. But, according to Marca on Sunday, Rafa Benitez is seeking reinforcements in both the center of the midfield as well as at striker — and it's the good-looking striker we pretend Abba is singing about. (Can you hear the drums, Fernando? I remember another starry night like this. In the firelight Fernando...)

But we are not here to sing! So enough of that.

If he does indeed join Real Madrid, Llorente would essentially become what he was after Álvaro Morata became a regular starter last season. We've heard about other clubs being interested in Llorente — Tottenham, Sevilla, Manchester United and, most recently, his former club Athletic Bilbao earlier this week — but Real Madrid have been arguably the most consistent team linked to the big Spanish striker for the simple reason as he's surplus in Turin and could fill a need with Los Blancos.

It all makes sense, doesn't it?

Llorente is not going to demand a huge transfer fee. And seeing him depart will see Juventus' wage bill decrease (as well as the team's standing on Serie A's best-looking players list). But it's pretty clear that Juve need to get down to five strikers and Real Madrid seeks some semblance of depth up front before the transfer window closes.