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Juventus' hunt for a trequartista has apparently taken them to Spurs

Not San Antonio, NBA fans.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Even though Juventus already has a new No. 10 in Paul Pogba, but they're still looking for a No. 10 type of player to add to their midfield. And as we've come to find out this summer — if we didn't know it already — a quality trequartista doesn't come cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

And that's not any different with the latest names thrown into Beppe Marotta's Magical Trequartista Mystery Tour. Here's something from Gianluca Di Marzio on Saturday:

Juventus is looking to add a quality option to Allegri's midfield. Julian Draxler isn't the only named linked to the bianconeri, the there are two other options with Christian Eriksen and Lamela. The former Roma attacker is a profile Juventus has monitored for quite some time, he could be a concrete target in the next few days. Regarding Eriksen there haven't been any direct contacts with Tottenham, but Juvenuts may have taken action in other ways. According to what is filtering from the player's camp, Spurs don't appear interested in selling him. It would be a costly operation up to €40 million considering that Tottenham turned down €33 million from Manchester United last summer.

Much like a post-game thread around here, I'll just dump out the thoughts that popped into my head after reading the report from GDM above.

  2. If Juventus won't budge and come close to matching Schalke's €30 million price tag for Julian Draxler, why would they suddenly go over that plateau for a different player? Different players, different skills, different situations, but that just seems a little perplexing to me.
  3. Christian Eriksen sure would be a wonderful signing, though.
  4. Why would Spurs, a team that is trying to crack the top of in the Premier League, have any kind of inclination to sell their very own playmaker who essentially makes their attack click?
  5. I'm starting to think that Juventus might just be better off with what they got rather than buying somebody just for the sake of buying somebody.
  6. But it is Di Marzio reporting it, so..........

So now that we've got that out of the way, do we think any of this is possible?

I really have no idea what to think at this point, but this is part of the equation when you're hitting the third week of August without signing one of your biggest needs and manager's desires earlier in the summer. Eriksen has arguably been Spurs' best players since he arrived a couple of summers ago from Ajax.

Lamela, who has come off the bench in Spurs' first two Premier League games this season, isn't any kind of new name to be linked to Juventus. Lamela arrived at Spurs during the same transfer window as Eriksen, but obviously hasn't had the same kind of success as the Danish midfielder. Team that with his Roma past and Juve's history under Marotta's past of getting players on the cheap after struggling with their last team, and you have Lamela's situation in a nutshell. (Other than actually being signed by Juventus, of course.)

As I've said before, trying to find a trequartista is fun. That is, it's fun if you love seeing more and more names being linked to Juventus without them actually signing anybody.