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Report: Juventus, Guilherme Siqueira reach agreement on move to Turin

The way this photo is cropped, you can't see his high socks. Now Juventus can add another high-socked

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Over the course of the past week, Juventus' deal for Guilherme Siqueira has basically been in the same stage. "Juve are getting closer to a deal," the Italian press would tell us. "Tomorrow is the day that Siqueira will sign for Juve," they've been saying for pretty much the last few days.

Who knows when "tomorrow" may actually be, but now more than ever it looks like as though Juventus is going to be adding another left back to partner with Patrice Evra this season. And that left back is going to be the 29-year-old Siqueira.

Juventus and Guilherme Siqueira have reached a verbal agreement on a proposed move to Turin. Tomorrow should bring formal notification on the deal. The Brazilian defender should travel to Turin early next week to complete his medical and sign the contract. Allegri is content and Juventus smile.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Okay, so Max Allegri's happy with the move for Siqueira. Juventus smiles because they're about to sign Siqueira. Therefore, when we put two and two together into one complete thought, it tells us that Juventus manager Max Allegri is happy with a smile on his face. And when you think about Max Allegri with his smile on his face, it becomes time to do a Google Image search for funny Max Allegri pictures.

I digress.

Siqueira's price tag has been rumored to be somewhere around the €6 million or €8 million range after an initial loan spell. The option to buy will be a fixed one, which obviously isn't out of the line of possibilities when you consider Beppe Marotta continues to play a big role in Juventus' transfer market.

But, above all else, the Siqueira means that Juventus can cross another squad need off the to-do list as the middle of August arrives. Now all that's left, if it's still possible both in terms of finances and actual logistics, is to sign a trequartista. Essentially, we're left to wait around for stuff to happen on three fronts. For one, there's the countdown until Siqueira actually becomes a Juventus player. Then there's the whole sign-a-trequartista dance we've been seeing happen for the entire summer. And, maybe most importantly, there's the wait for the 2015-16 Serie A season opener against Udinese that is less than two weeks away.

Waiting is fun, right? Maybe not when it comes to transfers.