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Reports: Juventus set to extend Daniele Rugani's contract through 2020

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It's fair to say that Daniele Rugani is a hot, in-demand commodity right now. Not because he's done anything bad. It's pretty much on the contrary, actually. He's being tipped for big things — both for club and country, but more about Juventus in the immediate future.

And according to reports out of Italy on Friday, that could very well result in a brand new contract for the recently-turned 21-year-old defender who has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight because of injuries to center backs Andrea Barzagli and Giorgio Chiellini. So, what you say, Daniele? Is a contract extension happening? (Sure hope so.)

Tuttosport is also hoping on the Rugani contract extension reporting.

You can shake your head at Tuttosport reporting anything of substance this time of year, but when it involves non-transfer dealings that pertain to Juventus, they're pretty solid. Remember Paul Pogba was set to sign a new contract? Yeah, Tuttosport were one of the first Italian outlets to be on the story. So they're not totally full of crap transfer rumors that only sell papers.

Let's check on Rugani's reaction to a potential pay raise in the very near future...

Rugani 24

Okay, so that's from his introductory press conference and isn't some newfound image that was exclusively posted by Rugani himself. But it does pretty much sum how Rugani feels to be back at Juventus right now as the season is about to begin.

Like has been mentioned elsewhere, the reported intent of Juventus to extend Rugani's contract until 2020 — the same length in contract that Claudio Marchisio and Leonardo Bonucci have just agreed to — is as clear of a sign of good faith as any Juventus can currently give. Rugani is being looked as one of Juve's future standouts and building blocks, and is on the fast track from primavera standout to first team starter as fast as we've seen any Juve youth product in years. He went out on loan, excelled, and just a couple years later he's being looked at as a contributor, not just a reserve at the end of the bench that only plays in Coppa Italia matches.

Rugani is clearly not on that reserve-bound path. He's got everything it takes to be a special, special player. Now it's all about putting everything together in a timely fashion. And it's almost certainly going to happen in a Juventus jersey. I'm perfectly okay with that.