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Tracking Juventus' 2015 summer transfer window: Who's arrived, who's left Turin

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We're officially at the point in the summer when a lot of moves on the transfer market are actually negotiated and finalized. Luckily for many of us around these parts, Juventus' management, namely director general Beppe Marotta and sporting director Fabio Paratici, have gotten the majority of their business done early on even before the transfer window officially opened.

Juventus have put a lot of money into the transfer market this summer, and understandably so. Due to the players who are departing Turin this summer — Andrea Pirlo and Carlos Tévez, most notably — Juventus have had to try to bring just as much quality into the squad while also keeping the core intact for another season.

As of early July, it's been a pretty resounding success in terms of who has been brought in on the transfer market. Of course, a lot of it depends on what takes place on the field rather than just simply winning the summer mercato and that's that. But, for the time being, it's hard to find much issue in the players Juventus have signed for next season. There's talent, there's room to grow and there's a clear vision to make the heart of the team's roster a lot younger going forward beyond just the 2015-16 season.

This post will continue to be updated whenever Juventus transfers, both comings and goings, are made official. There will be no transfer rumors posted in the body of the post here. Just the official ones. Other transfer window shenanigans will be ever present on the main page. Don't you worry.


  • Paulo Dybala signs from Palermo
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    This is the biggest transfer fee Juventus has paid out during the Andrea Agnelli/Beppe Marotta era — and it's not even a close one. It was the €20 million Juve spent on Álvaro Morata last summer, but now that distinction belongs to the €32 million transfer fee (plus another €8 million in potential bonuses) that will be paid to Palermo over the next four years. Dybala was only three players in Serie A this season to have double-digit totals in both goals and assists this past season. Not bad for a 21-year-old striker who has plenty of room to grow.

  • Sami Khedira signs from Real Madrid
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    When Khedira signed, the idea of Pirlo leaving for Major League Soccer was simply a rumor that was gaining steam more than anything else. Now that Pirlo has officially left for New York, it's going to be even more interesting to see where the German international fits into Max Allegri's plans. He's coming off an injury-filled season where he barely featured at all with Real Madrid, so you know he will be hungry to show he's healthy once again. And for the price he was signed for — i.e. nothing at all — there's going to have to be a lot go wrong to have it turn out to be a bad move.

  • Mario Mandzukic signs from Atlético Madrid
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    Welcome to the new prima punta leading Juventus' strikeforce. Mandzukic is coming off some believe is a quiet one and only season in La Liga, but the fact still remains Juventus got a damn good striker for €19 million during a time in the footballing world when transfer fees are blowing up all over the place. No matter if he's lined up alongside Morata or flanked by Dybala and Morata, Mandzukic is going to be looked upon to generate and make up for some of the offense Juventus are losing with Carlos Tévez heading back to Argentina.

  • Roberto Pereyra bought outright from Udinese
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    One of the easiest decisions Juventus had to make this summer was to purchase Pereyra outright from Udinese after the Argentine midfielder spent last season in Turin on the Beppe Marotta Special. He arrived in Turin as somewhat of an unknown to some of us, but he ended up being a valuable piece for Allegri to use in a variety of roles. Pereyra was effective as both a starter no matter what midfield position he was used in or as a second-half burst of energy off the bench.

  • Neto signs from Fiorentina
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    Say hello to Juventus' new No. 2 goalkeeper, ladies and gentlemen. Marco Storari is headed off to try and get Cagliari back into Serie A, and the 25-year-old Brazilian will now deputize for the G.O.A.T., aka Gigi Buffon. Could this be a move that is intended for more than just the next couple of seasons? At Neto's age, it's definitely a possibility.

  • Simone Zaza signs from Sassuolo
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    Here is the third — yes, third! — striker Juventus has signed for significant amounts of money this summer. All told, Juventus paid €69 million on strikers named Dybala, Mandzukic and Zaza, with another €8 million potentially heading to Sicily in Dybala meets certain performance bonuses. But when it comes to Zaza, he's not being brought in to start or lead Juventus' attack. He will almost certainly be Mandzukic's direct backup as well as another striker that gives Allegri some flexibility when one of his other attackers needs rest. More or less, the arrival of Zaza almost certainly means the departure of Fernando Llorente, who is reportedly the eye of a handful of teams around Europe as of Zaza's signing.

  • Daniele Rugani returns after his contract was bought outright during the winter transfer window
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    Another player who's extremely young yet extremely talented and already has a season's worth of Serie A experience despite his youth. Marotta has said that Rugani will be part of Juventus squad during the 2015-16 season, and the club's reported effort to sell defender Angelo Ogbonna only seems to confirm that notion. Rugani is coming off a season where he played in all 38 league games and didn't pick up a yellow card. Basically, he's ready for the jump to the best club in Italy. Now we get to see what the kid can do in bianconero.


  • Arturo Vidal signs with Bayern Munich
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    After four trophy-filled seasons with Juventus, the Chilean battering ram has headed back to Germany to start a new adventure. It was a swift and somewhat out-of-the-blue kind of move, with Bayern moving swiftly and quickly to sign Vidal for €37 million (and another €3 million in potential bonuses). Marotta said that Vidal asked to leave the club, which can be taken a number of ways. But we know this regardless — Vidal's four seasons at Juve were fantastic, and he became a world-class player in bianconero.

  • Andrea Pirlo signs with New York City FC
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    After four trophy-filled seasons with Juventus, the bearded maestro is trading in his black and white stripes for the sky blue kits of New York City FC (and parent company Manchester City). Every indication is that Juventus are not receiving any form of money for Pirlo's departure to the Big Apple, which is the same amount of money they paid for him when he was available on a free transfer four years ago.

  • Federico Mattiello heads back to Chievo on loan
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    The young midfielder is going back to where he gained his first decent amount of Serie A playing time before he suffered a terrible injury in March. Mattiello won't be ready for the season opener come less than two months from now, but he is heading back to a club that obviously has confidence in him from his first go-round with them.

  • Carlos Tévez heads home to Boca Juniors
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    After weeks of waiting around waiting for the vast array of details of the Tévez deal, it was finally announced on Monday, July 13, just who will be coming to Turin as Carlitos heads home. There will be four players — namely 18-year-old striker Guido Vadala — heading to Juve as part of the deal. Andrea Agnelli said at Claudio Marchisio's contract extension press conference that Tévez expressed an interest in going back to Boca all the way back in January, which makes this move something that has been potentially put in motion months ago rather than in the aftermath of the Champions League final.

  • Luca Marrone heads to Carpi on loan
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    Following an injury-filled 2014-15 season, Mr. Luke Brown heads to one of Serie A's newest teams, Carpi, to try and reboot a career that once looked quite promising. At the age of 25, Marrone still has time on his side, but it's becoming ever so likely that it won't be happening at his hometown club.

  • Angelo Ogbonna sold to West Ham United for €11 million
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    So, Marotta buys Ogbonna, a towering force of the Torino defense in the years prior for €13 million and then sells him two years later after he starts all of 41 Serie A games for €11 million. This is Marotta at his best, man. It didn't work out for Ogbonna, and that's fine. Not every move is going to work out because that's just the science of it. But to basically get back 85 percent of the original transfer fee is simply great business. It's what both parties needed — for Ogbonna to move on and go to a club where he can play regularly, and for Juventus to clear a spot for Daniele Rugani and get a good amount of money back at the same time.

  • Frederik Sorensen joins FC Köln
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    Iceman Sorensen clearly wasn't going to be a Juventus player for much longer. He hadn't appeared in an official game for the club since 2011, and saw a potential move to England fall through last summer before heading to Hellas Verona on loan. Now, he is heading to Germany where he'll look to find a way to breakthrough into the starting lineup for both club and country on a regular basis.

  • Nicola Leali loaned out again, this time to Frosinone
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    It's the third straight season out on loan for Leali, who signed with Juve before the 2012-13 season and then immediately Virtus Lanciano. Leali was with Cesena last season, starting 28 games and finishing just outside the top 10 in saves. At 22, Leali is far from a finished product. But now that Juve has signed Neto, his performances and long-term future with Juventus are certainly going to be a talking point for many folks.

  • Loan spells ending: Alessandro Matri (Genoa/Milan), Romulo (Hellas Verona)

  • Contracts expiring: Simone Pepe, Marco Storari (signed with Cagliari on July 3), Rubinho


  • Claudio Marchisio agrees to a contract extension through 2020
    BWRAO coverageJuventus website coverage

    I tend to think these were easy negotiations considering who it is and the club his representatives were speaking with. Marchisio has grown up at Juventus. It's the only club he knows sans one season on loan at Empoli. Marchisio is now ensured of being a Juventus player until his mid-30s. So yeah, he's going to be retiring in the same colors he started his career in. That's pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

  • Max Allegri agrees to a contract extension through 2017
    BWRAO coverage | Juventus website coverage

    What's the reward for leading the Juventus squad to the season it completed a month or so ago? A nice contract extension with a pay raise to go along with it. That's what Allegri got on the same day Marchisio's contract extension was announced. It was a busy day around Turin on Monday, July 6, and a lot of it had to do with these last two things on the list.