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Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci set to announce contract extension through 2020

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Leonardo Bonucci likes social media. He's good at it, therefore he has my blessings when continuing to do so. There isn't the volume of posts compared to, say, you or I, but Bonucci has a constant stream of contributions to the Twitter and Facebook landscape no matter what the topic really is.

I lede with this piece of information because of this other piece of information: Two days ago, Bonucci posted this little picture and photo caption, leaving us wondering, "Yeah, so Leo, what exactly are you talking about while taking a picture of all the trophies Juventus has won in its history?"

Gee, I wonder what that might allude to...

One option could be the fact that he was going to leave for Switzerland and get ready to start another season with Juventus. Makes sense, doesn't it? But then again, we kinda figured that would happen because those Bonucci-Real Madrid rumors seemed rather, well, not very true at all. But the other option seems a little more logical, though. That would be Bonucci actually agreeing to and subsequently signing a brand new contract with Juventus.

Say, now that you mention it...

Ahhhhh, that seems like an understandable and very realistic reason for Bonucci to kinda-sorta subtweet us but pretty much give us a hint into what's going down in the future. I guess he's making us think more than anything else. I would say he's earned the right to have some fun on Twitter every so often.

Of course, this isn't the first we've heard about Bonucci getting a new contract after the best season of his Juventus career. Gianluca Di Marzio reported about six weeks ago that Bonucci and Juventus had agreed to a brand new contract. That came during a flurry of post-Champions League final reports that had a handful of Juventus folks — Martin Cáceres, Claudio Marchisio and Max Allegri — getting close or even agreeing to brand new deals that would keep them in Turin past the next couple of seasons.

We've seen Marchisio and Allegri get their new contracts, with a nice chunk of change along the way.

And it's safe to say that Bonucci certainly deserves to be the next in line for some more long-term security as well as that reported €3.5 million per season salary. He was fantastic last season and was arguably one of the best at his position in all of Europe. As Giorgio Chiellini struggled for any kind of consistent form, the complete opposite was true for Bonucci. As we quickly approach the 2015-16 season, Bonucci's importance on this new-look Juventus squad is even that much more important. He's close to being one of the elder statesmen now. Yeah, at the age of 28, too.

UPDATE: Juventus has announced both Bonucci and President Andrea Agnelli will be holding a press conference at 12 p.m. on Tuesday. You know it's something special going on when they bring the No. 1 guy in the building to the press conference.

I sure wonder what that's all about...

Oh, right. Time to put two and two together, folks.