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Report: Juventus negotiating to sign Atlético Madrid's Guilherme Siqueira

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

These days, there seems to be only two positions where the transfer rumors are centered around — attacking midfielder (oh that lovely trequartista hunt!) and left back. There's the Götzes and the Draxlers of the world, but with the new development of Kwadwo Asamoah potentially becoming a midfielder again in lieu of Arturo Vidal's departure, there's suddenly a need to maybe sign a left back.

Hey, what an idea! Maybe we should have gone after this thing sooner, right?! Ehhhhh...

Here's a new option for all of us to yell at each other about. (Or maybe stay calm and talk it out like adults, I don't know.)

Juventus are in negotiations with Atletico Madrid for Brazilian left-back Guilherme Siqueira.

Sky Sport Italia report this evening that talks have been going on since Wednesday and continues late into Thursday evening.

He only joined Atleti from Granada a year ago for €10m, but could be pushed out by the arrival of Filipe Luis from Chelsea.

(Source: Football Italia)

So, let's see here. That's a couple of German attacking midfielders plying their trade in the Bundesliga and a handful of Brazilian left backs scattered around Europe that are currently being linked to a potential Juventus move this summer. When it comes to keeping things relatively simple, then that's what you would like to call simple. Brazilians and Germans. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get an Italian thrown in there. Italians are cool, especially when they play for Juventus.

But why go for somebody like Siqueira right now?

Well, let's see the logic here...

For one, there's the Filipe Luis factor as mentioned above. Siqueira started 29 games at left back in all competitions for Atlético Madrid last season, but that number will probably drop significantly if Luis is healthy and available to be selected by manager Diego Simeone. The competition will be more and who knows if Siqueira is even interested in being second-choice to Filipe Luis after playing so much last season.

And maybe just as logic-based as the first point is the fact that Siqueira is probably going to be much more affordable than the other Brazlian left back Juventus is reportedly pursuing, Porto's Alex Sandro. At 24 years old, Alex Sandro would likely cost a pretty penny to bring to Turin, while the same might not be the case with Siqueira, who turned 29 back in April. Would Siqueira be okay with a part-time role alongside Patrice Evra? Who knows. But if he is okay with it, then the chances of one of these Brazilian left backs actually coming to Juventus just went up exponentially.