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Bayern Munich confirm deal to sign Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

We knew this day would come — and in short order, too. Everything had been reported, everything had been put into place outside of an official announcement from either Juventus or Bayern Munich regarding Arturo Vidal's move to the German champions.

Well, that official announcement — at least the one where a deal is confirmed sans all those fancy financial terms — has now arrived. They might as well be drafting up that press release now. We'll be reading it soon enough. From Bayern Munich's official website:

FC Bayern are poised to complete the signing of Arturo Vidal, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told a press conference at the team hotel in Guangzhou on Thursday. "I can basically confirm we have agreed terms with both parties, Juventus Turin and the player. All that's missing is the medical and signature on the contract." If everything runs normally, the Bayern chairman continued, "he's start training with us next week."

At this point, this was pretty much all we needed to hear to figure that Vidal was on his way to Germany. I mean, this is the same Rummenigge who was essentially beaming with confidence as he strolled through the airport about a deal for Vidal getting done in the very near future. We've known Vidal was on his way out, and we know Juventus are already looking for ways to spend the money they're about to get from Bayern Munich even though it isn't actually here yet.

(cough cough Julian Draxler cough cough)

Combine everything above with Beppe Marotta confirming at his first press conference of the preseason that Vidal asked to leave Juventus and it was only a matter of time before we heard that some kind of deal was reached between Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Maybe this is a good thing seeing as it has happened in quick fashion rather than it being long and drawn out transfer saga like we've seen other deals go through in years past. Even last summer with Vidal's "Will he stay or will he go?" dance with Manchester United it was essentially hovering around our heads from the beginning of the transfer window to the beginning of the Serie A season. Yeah, good times, good times.

Now we just wait for the formal announcement. You know, the one that involves fancy numbers and transfer fees. Knowing how quickly this deal has gone from absolutely nothing to definitely something, it won't be too long now.