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Beppe Marotta confirms Arturo Vidal has expressed the desire to leave Juventus

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

As the Max Allegri-Beppe Marotta double press conference began on Monday afternoon at Vinovo, you knew the question was going to be asked based on everything that happened over the last few days. It was just a matter of how early the question would be raised by one of the Italian journalists was in attendance and what was going to be said by Marotta.

So, we got the question asked of Marotta about Arturo Vidal's future with Juventus. Here's the answer...

That's about as confirmed as confirmed gets, folks. No more need to wonder if the rumors coming out of both Italy and Germany were a bunch of nonsense. They're true — and so are the words Marotta has just spoken. After four fantastic seasons with Juventus, Vidal won't be in black and white stripes anymore. (Sorry if you got that Vidal No. 23 adidas kit, by the way.) It's disappointing to see happen, but pretty understandable considering Marotta has been in the camp of "We won't sell unless the player says they want to go elsewhere" for pretty much his entire time running the transfer show.

And Vidal expressed a desire to leave despite the fact he has Scudetto tattoos up and down one arm, 'King Arturo' on the other and three stars on his neck.  Apparently the head speaks louder than the ink on your body, I guess.

So, you combine this with the fact that yet another story — this time from The Guardian on Monday — said that Vidal's move to Bayern Munich was going down in the very near future and the dots can officially be connected. Vidal is leaving Juventus, and in short order.  He'll be arriving in Munich soon for his medical, posing for a picture as he's on a treadmill while wearing one of those famed fishnet shirts and then telling everybody about how he wanted to go to Bayern.

It's happening. Bayern Munich will be getting Vidal four years after Juventus snatched him away from them and subsequently got back to being the dominant Juventus of old. And, as the 2015-16 season quickly approaches, Juve will have more cash to play with now. I guess that's the one benefit in all this.