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Reports: Juventus, Bayern Munich have 'further contacts' regarding Mario Götze

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Based on the video that was released early Saturday, there was bound to be some kind of information coming out regarding Mario Götze and Juventus. Good or bad, the rumor mill wasn't going to slow down after Götze said a number of nice things regarding our wonderful Old Lady.

And, conveniently, that's exactly what we got. Funny how that works out, isn't it? Eh, more convenient than funny, so let's just go with that for the time being.

With Vidal on his way to Bayern Munich, the bianconeri are looking to reinvest in a trequartista- today they made a new overture to Goetze. There were some contacts in the last few hours: the player has let it be known that he doesn't want to make a decision soon, he wants to reflect and ponder his future. Goetze has to decide if he wants to leave Bayern Munich, and should he decide to depart the destination to pick. Juventus is an option to consider, but there will be no imminent decision.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

But, wait! There's more! There was also this earlier in the day:

Marca is reporting that the Old Lady have opened negotiations with the Bavarian club, the reason Giuseppe Marotta flew to Germany.

The Spanish newspaper believes the offer would be for a two-year loan, but a mandatory buyout clause, with the total fee being around €30m.

Marca believes Gotze does not have a good relationship with Bayern Coach Pep Guardiola, and would be willing to leave Allianz Arena.

(Source: Football Italia)

Doesn't that sound like as much of a Beppe Marotta deal as Beppe Marotta deals get? Or maybe it could be taken to another extreme since there's a two-year loan rather than one for just a season? Beppe Marotta Specials are always interesting deals no matter what they involve, but a two-year loan with a mandatory option to buy would be the first of its kind during the Andrea Agnelli/Beppe Marotta era began.

The thing is, though, we're not totally sure of Bayern Munich's interest in actually letting go of the 23-year-old German midfielder. Is this rift between Götze and Guardiola the real deal and beyond repair? Will it force Götze to put in a transfer request and see he leave this summer? So many questions, few little to answer them.

Or, maybe since there's no immediate decision going down, according to Di Marzio, maybe we can wait around a bit. There's more to come on this one, that's for sure. Let's just all make sure we figure out how to spell "Götze" in the meantime.