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Bayern Munich midfielder Mario Götze says some nice things about Juventus

There have been many names linked to Juventus to try and fill the void at trequartista. But, as the weekend gets going in Italy, there probably isn't a more talked about potential target as Bayern Munich's Mario Götze, who has been rumored to potentially going elsewhere to a handful of teams this summer.

His name has gained steam amongst those in the Italian press ever since Arturo Vidal's reported move to Bayern became more than just some internet jib-jab that made us all freakout. While other names are in the mix for potential No. 10 options, there arguably isn't a hotter name than Götze these days. Of course, that could change in a matter of hours the way the transfer rumor mill operates these days, but with an influx of Vidal-related cash probably coming in, it's not like Juve won't be looking to reinvest it into the squad as soon as humanly possible before the season gets going next month.

Götze, interviewed by Goal, had quite a few positive things to say about Juventus in his brief interview above. And, unsurprisingly, the line of questions went quickly to what his future in Bavaria is. Götze answered said questions— to a point, keeping it politically correct and respecting the team he currently plays for as well as the one that is rumored to be trying to sign him.

But let's just focus on one aspect...

Gotze ATM

So, "At the moment," huh? Well, please, feel free to tell us more about that, Mario.

This isn't going to do anything to slow down what has become a windstorm of talk about Juventus potentially trying to sign Götze this summer to fulfill Max Allegri's desire for a No. 10 to play behind the strikers. The same can be said about what Götze mentioned regarding playing abroad simply because Juventus doesn't play in the Bundesliga the last time I checked. (And I won't need to use any kind of those fancy investigative journalism skills to tell me otherwise.)

Who knows if Juventus' interest in Götze is as concrete and profound as what the Italian press is currently saying it is. I mean, if Götze is willing to talk about Juventus publicly, then there certainly could be something there. But this is quite an interesting time we're living in when it comes to Juve and the transfer market. This isn't the Wesley Sneijder chase from six or seven months ago. Juventus are major players now because of the money they're about to see arrive in the bank account, and the 23-year-old Götze could be the man they want to have as the new No. 10 to build around — both for the present and for the foreseeable future.

This isn't the last Götze update. That's a damn lock, I can tell you that right now without hesitation.