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Sami Khedira says he "wanted a fresh challenge" by signing with Juventus

There's also more jersey number news for everybody to read about. Everybody loves when there's more jersey number news! You just can't get enough of that jersey number news. It's the best.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Wearing an adidas jersey is far from a foreign concept to new Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira. He's been rocking them for years with the German national team. He wore all kinds of adidas gear during his five-year tenure with former European champions, Real Madrid. Outside of his fancy Nike boots, he's been had an adidas logo on his club and country's jersey ever since the summer of 2010.

It's not like that's going to change coming the beginning of the 2015-16 season.

Khedira, who arrived on a free transfer from Real Madrid, was formally presented as a Juventus player on Wednesday. Twenty-four hours after it was #DybalaDay, it was #KhediraDay across Juve's various platforms of social media, with the German international meeting the Italian press for the first time after the completion of his move from Real Madrid to Juventus earlier this summer.

And, you guessed it, he got his new adidas jersey, too.

Khedira 28

Yep, it's Khedira holding another adidas jersey. HOW SHOCKING, RIGHT? But this one is a Juventus adidas jersey, with Kherdira sporting a new number to go along with his new team. Although, the new number isn't exactly "new" to the 28-year-old German. Wearing the No. 28 with Juventus is an homage to the number he wore with his first professional club, Stuttgart. (And no, it's not because of somebody else who used to wear the number at Juventus.)

Yes, it's the second straight day that a new Juventus signing goes with a number we weren't expecting him to go with. People thought Paulo Dybala would go with No. 7, he went with 21. My money was on Khedira to go with No. 16, he switched things up on us and went with the aforementioned 28.

But enough with all the number talk. Here's the real reason why Khedira was presented to the media on Wednesday afternoon — so the press could ask him important questions. You know, like why he chose to spurn offers from Germany and England and sign with Juventus instead.

Ah, how refreshing. Khedira could have gone anywhere he so pleased, but it was Juventus were he felt like he could try and get back to being the player who so many teams wanted to sign before his injury troubles. New adventure, plenty of motivation. That sounds like a good combination to me.

Khedira acknowledged the fact that breaking into the starting lineup won't be an easy task. Unlike Dybala who will be joining a new-look strikeforce, Khedira is joining a midfield that is exactly the same outside of Andrea Pirlo heading off to New York. Claudio Marchisio is here with a new contract to boot, Paul Pogba hasn't left yet despite the fact he's heading to about five different teams based on the latest transfer rumors. And let us not forget about Arturo Vidal, who is off on a much-deserved vacation after winning Copa America. It's a stacked midfield.

So, basically, Khedira is simply adding to the strength of the team.

And like I've been saying ever since the Khedira deal became officially official, it's going to be quite interesting as to how Max Allegri uses his newest midfielder with so many other talented players already in bianconero. I guess that's something we won't have to wait all that long to figure out since the new season is quickly approaching. There's no doubting that there will be quite a few eyeballs on Khedira as he begins his new adventure at Juventus, that's for sure.