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Juventus summer signee Paulo Dybala says he will wear No. 21 this upcoming season

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Monday was the day for Paulo Dybala to wear Juventus' new adidas training gear for the first time as he ran laps and went through drills with two of his new teammates, Sami Khedira and Simone Zaza. Come Tuesday, it was the day for Dybala, Juventus' big-money summer signing from Palermo, to receive even more gear, as well as meet the press for the first time in bianconero.

Maybe the biggest news to come out of the 16-minute press conference was what number Dybala will be wearing during his debut season with Juventus. Instead of telling you what it is (if you haven't read the headline already), why don't you just go ahead and look at Dybala holding up his new jersey after the final question was asked and then answered at his introductory press conference.

Dybala 21

Yep, that's No. 21 that was recent vacated by Andrea Pirlo after he traded in his Juventus jersey for one that's nothing but blue and sports a New York City FC badge on it. That's the same No. 21 that another one of the best players in Juventus' history, Zinedine Zidane, wore during his time in Turin. It's a number that certainly has a lot of history behind it, so good luck, kid.

Paulo, a simple question for you: Why did you choose the squad number you chose?

That's a pretty simple enough answer to a simple question. And seeing as he played this past season in Italy, it would be virtually impossible for Dybala to not know who wore the No. 21 before him.

There's the possible snowball effect of Dybala choosing the number he did. Some thought he might go with No. 7 now that it's available after Simone Pepe's contract expired at the end of June. Instead, that could mean it's free for Simone Zaza to take if he so pleases. Mario Mandzukic is rumored to be in line for the No. 17, which give us plenty of feelings since a striker hasn't worn said number since David Trezeguet left the club. (Don't you dare say Nicklas Bendtner, people.) And we're soon to find out what number Sami Khedira will take when he has his own press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Of course, there was more than just jersey numbers discussed at Dybala's first press conference as a Juventus player. There were questions about why he chose to sign with Juventus so quickly, who his influences were as a player while he grew up in Argentina, the usual stuff and things of that nature. But he was also asked about where he prefers to play on the field, which makes a lot of sense since Juventus' strike force outside of Kingsley Coman and Álvaro Morata are completely new this upcoming season.

Let the Dybala-trequartista talk only intensify after this round of questions. Not that having a versatile striker is the worst thing in the world. That's especially true when you've dropped €32 million — and potentially another €8 million — on a player you likely envision your club building around in both the present and future.