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Juventus announce agreement with Boca Juniors for Carlos Tévez transfer

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The official word that Carlos Tévez is heading back to Boca Juniors has been known for weeks now. That is, we've known Tévez is going back to Boca because Boca has told us so. But we hadn't heard any kind of official statement from Juventus, the team he had played the previous two seasons with and helped reach new heights in such a short two-year period of time.

Well, until Monday we hadn't heard anything.

In a thorough and rather detailed press release which might be hard to understand upon first read, Juventus has announced the details of the Tévez deal that sees the 31-year-old Argentine striker head back to where he began his career. It includes the news of a €6.5 transfer fee for Tévez, which will be offset by the option to buy four players outright in three years' time from Boca.

Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that these agreements have been finalized with Asociación Civil Club Atlético Boca Juniors:

  • Definitive transfer to Boca Juniors of the registration rights of the player Carlos Alberto Tevez for a consideration of € 6.5 million to be paid on 15 December 2016 in a sole installment. The disposal does not generate any significant economic effect for Juventus;

  • Temporary acquisition by Juventus, until 30 June 2017, of the registration rights of the player Guido Nahuel Vadala for a consideration of € 3.5 million to be paid on 31 December 2016 in a sole installment. The agreement also provides Juventus the option right, to be exercised within 20 April 2017, for the definitive acquisition of the player at a price of € 9.4 million;

  • Acquisition by Juventus of the option rights for the definitive acquisition, effective from the 2017/2018 sports season, of the registration rights of the players Rodrigo Bentancur Colman, Franco Sebastián Cristaldo and Adrián Andrés Cubas. For each option right Juventus will pay to Boca Juniors € 1 million within 31 December 2016. Juventus is entitled to exercise the option rights within 20 April 2017 at the following purchase prices: € 9.4 million for Rodrigo Bentancur Colman, € 8.2 million for Franco Sebastián Cristaldo and € 6.9 million for Adrián Andrés Cubas.

There's a lot going on in that 214-word press release, so let's try and make it easy for everybody.

First and foremost, Tévez will cost Boca Juniors €6.5 million and that will be paid in one installment in December 2016. That's the easiest part to figure out, and now we shall move on from it.

The second bullet point involves the centerpiece of the deal from Juventus' side of the equation, 18-year-old Argentinian striker Guido Vadala. First, there's going to be an 18-month loan spell that is going to cost Juventus a €3.5 million payment to Boca Juniors on the final day of 2016. Juventus have an option to make the Vadala deal a permanent one just about five months later, which will drive the €3.5 million loan fee up to a grand total of €.9.4 million.

Lastly, Juventus holds the option starting in the 2017-18 season to sign Rodrigo Bentancur Colman, Franco Sebastian Cristaldo and Adrian Andres Cubas. Each player will cost €1 million for an initial fee, with Colman costing €9.4 million, Cristaldo costing €8.2 million and Cubas costing €6.9 million. All of which would have to be paid on the same April 20, 2017, deadline as there is for Vadala.

So, in terms of dollars and cents (or euros in this sense), Boca will pay Juve €6.5 million for Tévez, while there will initially be a €3.5 million fee for Vadala and €1 million fees for Colman, Cubas and Cristaldo. Essentially, €6.5 million one way, and €6.5 million the other way. Got all that? Good, good.

Now we know the business side of the equation and the final details that probably took a bit of time to work out. That's the final piece to the Tévez-back-to-Boca puzzle, so now we can think of the future while also remembering the good times with Carlitos. Those were pretty good times, if you ask me.