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Report: Juventus turns down Bayern Munich's offer for Kingsley Coman

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Apparently Paul Pogba isn't the only young Frenchman with a wide array of interesting hairstyles at Juventus that is wanted by some of the other European football heavyweights.

According to Monday's Gazzetta dello Sport, Bayern Munich has made an offer of €15 million for Kingsley Coman, Juventus' 19-year-old striker/winger and resident speed demon. However, like you can probably figure out, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici have basically given the German giants the answer everybody else would surrounding Juventus' management and coaching staff want to give them.

"Thanks, but no thanks."

Or something along those lines. Just go with me here, folks.

Monday's report comes off the back of a transfer rumor floated out by the not-so-reliable Tuttosport late last week that Coman is not only being sought after by Bayern, but also a host of clubs like Arsenal, Bologna, Genoa, Sampdoria, Sassuolo and Palermo. In that report from the Turin-based daily, it states that Juventus has not made a decision regarding Coman's future in Turin for the immediate future. You know, does he stay and be a backup for another season, or does he head out on loan to one of those mid-table Serie A destinations listed above?

That seems to be the most likely decision when it comes to Coman this summer. Not the fact that he is going to be sold to Bayern Munich for a nice sum of money, but where he will be wearing a jersey within Serie A during the 2015-16 season. Some of it might depend of who Juventus could sign to be a fourth or fifth striker to play behind the likes of Álvaro Morata, Mario Mandzukic and Paulo Dyabala.

So, yeah, about that bid from Bayern ... that's all it seems it will be. Bayern reportedly want the player, but Juventus have no plans on letting him go this summer — or for probably the next few years. The kid has potential, and Juventus have plans to see him live out all that talent in a Juventus jersey.