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Domenico Berardi won't come back to Juventus this season, says his agent

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Christian Hofer/Getty Images

La Stampa, one of Italy's more reputable and accurate news outlets (both sports and otherwise), floated out a transfer rumor on Thursday morning that involved Domenico Berardi coming to Juventus this summer if the club wasn't able to get Max Allegri's oh-so-desired trequartista.

However, before we get all giddy and excited about the prospects of Berardi wearing bianconero in a couple of months, the 20-year-old striker's agent has weighed in on the situation.

"I can totally rule out that possibility," Simone Seghedoni told FantaGazzetta when asked about the rumours.

"The agreements made between Juve and Sassuolo are clear. There are no talks. Berardi will stay at Sassuolo until June 30, 2016.

"We're aware of the high regard Juventus hold him in, but a decision was made for this season. The goal is to have a great season with Sassuolo, then carve out a leading role at Juventus.

"There's no room for other solutions, the situation is clear, there's no need to say more."

(Source: Football Italia)

Yes, the first thing that jumps out to all you is that Berardi will be staying at Sassuolo this season. Then again, seeing as Sassulo just shelled out €10 million for the starlet, it makes sense that they plan on keeping ahold of him for the 2015-16 season. That's just logic.

But the second thing should be the "Berardi will stay at Sassuolo until June 30, 2016" part of the equation. What does that sound like it translate to in this guy's mind? "Domenico is on loan at Sassuolo next season even though they just bought him and, come July, 1, 2016, he will be a Juventus player." Pretty much it's like what we all thought it is like — Berardi is at Sassuolo this season, and then he will come to Juventus 12 months later in the same fashion as the Simone Zaza deal was constructed last summer.

Also, the "We're aware of the high regard Juventus hold (Berardi) in" line should be noted as well. Juventus didn't sell their half of Berardi's contract because they don't want him to be part of the squad or don't value his talent. It should be easy to figure out that the kid has plenty of talent, he just wants — and probably still needs — to play every single week at Sassuolo.

Berardi will be a Juventus player soon enough, folks. It just won't be next season. We'll have to wait until adidas rolls out its second Juventus uniform before Berardi gets to wear it, which is okay knowing that he is going to play for Juventus.