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Beppe Marotta says Juventus turned down Barcelona's €80 million offer for Paul Pogba

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It is impossible to escape Paul Pogba rumors these days. Sign onto Twitter or any other football-centric website at any hour of the day and somebody is pursuing him, somebody is saying he's leaving Juventus in the near future and somebody is saying it will cost a lot of money to but the talented 22-year-old Juventus midfielder.

A lot of talk, but not much action. That's in part because of a lot of the chatter is probably just that, but it's also due to the fact that Juventus have no intention of letting Pogba leave Turin this summer.

So let's check in with Beppe Marotta and see what he thinks of Barcelona's latest offer for Pogba...

"We received an offer of €80 million, but I can affirm that Pogba will not be sold."

(Source: ESPNFC)

That's 17 simple words — and pretty direct ones at that.

Look, Barca love the idea of spending all that money to have Pogba swap in his new adidas jersey for their Nike kit. There's a presidential election riding on it. Basically, Barca have already gone all in to try and sign Pogba even though he can't even arrive this summer due to the transfer ban handed down by UEFA. That says a lot no matter what is going on.

But what's also impressive is how Marotta and Juventus are staying true to their word of note selling Pogba. Some might think Marotta taking the stance he has taken is just a way of publicly trying to drive up the final price Barcelona has to pay for Pogba. Maybe, but he has also said for going on two years now that Juventus has no intention of letting Pogba go. That comes as Pogba's anticipated transfer fee has skyrocketed into an area few have ever cost before.

So until further notice, I'll just assume Beppe Marotta is listening to offers yet shutting the door on every single one of them after they are officially submitted. "Thanks, but no thanks, folks." Or something like that, Beppe.