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Juventus' new 2015-16 adidas jerseys have officially arrived

When Juventus announced its new six-year deal with adidas for around €140 million back in late October, the understandable first thing we noticed was the kind of financial impact it will have. That's a nice chunk of change and a step in the right direction when you consider the long-standing deal with Nike that came to an end.

But there's another important factor in all of this, and it's a pretty easy one to figure out — what they're going to look like.

From the day the deal was announced, Juventus and adidas seemed like a pretty good match. They both like stripes on their clothing, they both like things with black and white color schemes, and it's not the first time adidas would be utilizing those two colors together.

The first day in July has brought us a new Juventus website, a new look to the squad as contracts have expired and new players officially begin their careers in Turin and, most importantly when it comes to this, the beginning of the adidas era at Juventus. That means we get to check out what our favorite players in bianconero will be wearing come next season.

/insert drum roll please/


I don't know. Maybe I thought the first run of kits would be adidas trying to make a really, really good impression. The home kit is nice, and it always seems to look better once we actually see it in action on the field in the first couple of friendlies and regular-season games. And the most noticeable addition to the home jersey besides the obvious Scudetto and Coppa Italia badges? Not one, not two, but three stars right above the Juventus crest.

See, not so bad. I can live with it.

(Side note: We knew there was going to be no silver star to signify 10 Coppas because a certain Juventus President by the name of Andrea Agnelli told us so after the season came to an end. So as much as it would have been nice to see three gold stars as well as a silver one, it's not like this is something that can be considered a surprise to anybody.)

But that away kit...oh my goodness. Where to begin? I guess the good thing is that it's the away kit and won't be worn unless it's totally necessary. But yeah, it's not something that comes close to the pink kits we've seen Juventus wear over the last decade or two.

I'd say the keeper kit has potential. Consider the fact that Gigi Buffon makes just about any keeper kit look good because he's a badass, so there's hope for it. Silver and black work well together, which means there won't be any kind of loud of obnoxious colors being worn by our beloved captain next season.

Then again, I'm no fashion expert and wore basketball shoes with my khakis to work yesterday, so what do I know. (But they're adidas shoes, so I guess I get some bonus points, right)