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Reports: Juventus, Sassuolo reach agreement for Domenico Berardi

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

The deadline to resolve co-ownership issues is quickly approaching. And with it, hundreds of players will know once and for all that their contract belongs to one team and one team only. Juventus is in the same boat is every other club in Serie A and most of Italy as a whole, with plenty of co-ownership deals set to be resolved in the near future.

The biggest one, by far, is Domenico Berardi.

And, according to reports late Tuesday night in Italy, one of the jewels of Juventus' future will belong 100 percent to the four-time Italian champions. However, before you get ahead of yourselves and start thinking about Berardi in bianconero come a couple of months from now, there is apparently a little twist to the plan of Berardi taking Turin by storm.

With the deadline to resolve co ownerships set for Thursday, Juventus and Sassuolo found an agreement on Berardi. The two clubs co owned the talented striker, but now the Bianconeri have bought out Sassuolo and fully own the player. Berardi will however stay at Sassuolo on loan next season so he can keep developing and maturing.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Translation to all of this: Patience, grasshoppers.

If the 20-year-old (!!!) Berardi does stay on loan at Sassuolo for another season, there are probably a number of reasons that are going into it. One of the biggest, undoubtedly, is the fact that Sassuolo doesn't want to lose Berardi and Simone Zaza — who is likely headed to Juventus at some point in the near future — in the same summer and risk a seriously relegation battle next season. And if they keep Berardi around, like the Italian media is suggesting will happen, their prospects is sticking in Serie A for a fourth straight season in 2016-17.

Another year on loan will do Berardi nothing but good. Would it be pretty dang nice to see him at Juventus this upcoming season and then the next 12 to 15 years after that? Yes, but with all the attacking talent Juventus has assembled the last two summers, there's no guaranteeing Berardi would even come close to playing as much as he will with Sassuolo next season. It's to accept, yet basically the truth.

Berardi will be a Juventus player soon enough. Just not as soon as a lot of us want him to, as the reports suggest.