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Atlético Madrid's Mario Mandzukic arrives in Turin ahead of Juventus medical

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

We've developed something around these parts that applies solely to the silliness of transfer season. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, it happens every single time. It's the notion that while transfer rumors and reports saying transfer deals are done, we continue to tell ourselves "I'll just wait until it's actually on the Juventus website before I believe everything."

How about we try this one, a Mario Mandzukic special after a fews short days with a bunch of rumors, on for size, boys and girls?

So it's not on the Juventus website — yet, at least. But the club's official English-language Twitter account with accompanying blue verified check mark is a pretty close second to confirmation that a transfer move is indeed going down in the near future.

And did you notice the white shirt and the black pants as he pointed toward the arrival section of the wall? It's like he already knows how to get on our good side even though he hasn't played a single game for Juventus yet.

But soon he will. We're just a few short technicalities, a medical where things are strapped and taped to his body and a contract signing away from this thing being officially announced both on the Juventus website and this one as well. Mandzukic is going to be a Juventus player. He's going to be the one who leads the line of the bianconeri's new-look attack in just a couple of months when the Serie A season opens up.

That sounds like a good thing to me.

We don't know what number he will be wearing come Serie A opening day or how much that transfer fee actually is — it's been reported to be something between €15 million and €18 million depending on which Italian media outlet you read — but it's happening. Yes, "Mario Mandzukic, Juventus player" is actually happening. No more rumors, no more wondering if the things we're hearing and reading online are things that are based on facts and not pure we-need-to-sell-newspapers deals.

It's about as close to "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" now, folks. And that's something we can all agree on is something we like to see.