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Juventus reportedly reboot Manchester City striker Stevan Jovetic interest

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There isn't a transfer window that goes by these days where Juventus isn't rumored to be interested in Manchester City striker Stevan Jovetic. Even before he went to the Etihad a few years back, he was the eye of Juventus' management. The interest has always been there, no matter how many days Jovetic misses due to injury or how little he plays when he's actually healthy.

So who would have actually been surprised when more Juventus-Jovetic reports started to come out and everybody's "JUVE-TIC" thoughts came filtering back. However, there might be more than just "Hey, Juve are interested in Stevan Jovetic and they'll try to sign him for a reasonable transfer fee," kind of thing. Or at least that's what we're being told.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Bianconeri have already worked out the basic details of the transfer with City, including the way payment will be spread out.

They are offering the 25-year-old former Fiorentina striker a five-year contract worth €3.5m per season plus performance-related bonuses.

Jo-Jo would also be handed the Number 10 shirt, left vacant by Carlos Tevez's departure to Boca Juniors.

(Source: Football Italia)

Well, first off, let's not get ahead of ourselves, people.

For one, Tévez hasn't technically left yet. Everybody knows he is pretty much on the way out, but it's not official yet, so let's not just declare it done and dusted just yet. (We can shortly, but not right now.) Secondly, since when has a player Juventus hasn't even signed yet become the top candidate for the club's soon-to-be vacant No. 10 jersey.

(Then again, we kinda said the same thing when Tévez first arrived, so maybe we should just be quiet about this whole jersey number stuff until it actually happens and we see evidence to back it up.)

But Juventus and Jovetic, a love story that will never go away no matter what happens next. Is he the same player Juve tried to sign while he was still with Fiorentina? Nah, probably not. At least the current version, that is. Juventus, if these rumors are true and they do want to sign Jovetic, hope that he will become the latest player who will be reborn under the Juventus Stadium/Turin magic dust. It's worked before, and they're hoping it will work again.

File this one under "Wait and see." We've done it for years, so what's going to change now?