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Arturo Vidal had one hell of a night in Chile's 3-3 draw against Mexico

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We don't have fresh photos of Arturo in a Chile uniform, so unfortunately we can't check out his latest and greatest haircut. Dammit.
We don't have fresh photos of Arturo in a Chile uniform, so unfortunately we can't check out his latest and greatest haircut. Dammit.
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

When it comes to the footballing portion of our lives, there are few things that are more enjoyable than Arturo Vidal playing like the Arturo Vidal we have seen so many times before. You know, a Vidal that scores goals and sets them up. In Chile's 3-3 draw against Mexico in the group stage of the Copa America on Monday night, it was one of those Vintage Vidal games.

Vidal found the back of the net twice and assisted on another as he played a hand in all three of Chile's goals. It was, well, as offensive-oriented a Vidal game as we've seen in quite a bit of time. The last time Vidal scored a brace for either club or country? Back in late-September when Juventus beat Cesena 3-0 in Turin.

For the tournament, Vidal has won two penalties, scored them both, bagged three goals total and assisted on two other goals. If that doesn't sound like a couple of Vidal kind of games where he's at the center of just about everything his team does, well then you need to brush up on your game-by-game Vidal history.

Here's a quick vine-centric recap of what Vidal's Monday night against Mexico involved. It's safe to say he's one of the more popular players in Chile these days. Yes, more than before the tournament got underway.

Chile Goal No. 1 (Vidal scores the goal)

Chile Goal No. 2 (Vidal sets up the goal)

Chile Goal No. 3 (Vidal wins the penalty and then scores the goal)

When Vidal steps up to the penalty spot, things usually end well. It wasn't a rifle-like shot into the corner of the goallike was the case in Chile's Copa America-opening win over Ecuador, but it was still pretty good.

Basically, in a short way of saying it, Arturo Vidal played well and everybody needed to know about what he just did against Mexico. Who doesn't like talking about one of Juventus' best players when he's resembling his old self? That's pretty much what I thought.

DAMMIT. I knew there was a catch with all of this.

But I'll leave it at this (and anybody who watched the Chile-Mexico game will agree wholeheartedly): If Vidal's teammates were just a slight bit better in terms of finishing in front of goal, we're not talking about Arturo having just one assist. We'd be saying that Vidal filled up the stat sheet even more than he actually did. He himself might even have another goal or two, which would have been great.